December 28, 2018
Mark Hamill Says Donald Trump Is Worse Than Darth Vader, Who At Least 'Saw The Error Of His Ways'

Mark Hamill thinks that Donald Trump is the worst villain of all time, even ahead of the man who cut off his hand.

Hamill, famous for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, has emerged as one of the most vocal critics of President Trump. In an interview for the Washington Post's Cape Up that was re-released this week, Hamill said he thinks it is unfair when people compare Trump to Darth Vader, the villain of the first three movies of the Star Wars saga.

Trump is much worse, Hamill said.

"Listen, I really get upset then when people compare [Trump] or even Dick Cheney to Darth Vader, because Darth Vader repented," Hamill said. "He saw the error of his ways. I don't see either one of them doing that."

Mark Hamill has been very active on Twitter opposing the president, and recently got some viral attention for a bit of archiving on Trump's own Twitter account. Back in mid-December, Hamill recalled a tweet from Trump during Barack Obama's presidency wondering if a president could be impeached for "gross incompetence." Trump at the time was goading for a government shutdown (which is now on its sixth day) and was embroiled in a number of legal troubles including what many believe will be an eventual indictment for his role in the hush money payments to two women claiming affairs with him.

Hamill thought it was a good time to resurrect Trump's old tweet.

It wasn't always this way. Just as Darth Vader was once a hopeful young man with an unusual connection to the force, Trump too was an amusing figure -- at least in the eyes of Mark Hamill during the 1980s.

Once Trump took a turn into politics and started attacking Barack Obama for the baseless claim that he had been born outside of the United States, Hamill's opinion on Trump quickly changed.

"I was in New York in the '80s doing theater. And I found him highly amusing. You know, this big loudmouth, grandiose, gaudy egomaniac with zero sense of self-awareness. That's just inherently funny.... I didn't really start disliking him intensely until he got on the whole birther bandwagon," Hamill said. "That just really deeply offended me."

But it may not last much longer. Mark Hamill predicted that Donald Trump would not last the full four years in office before being impeached -- or possibly quitting.