December 28, 2018
Jenna Jameson Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss In New Side-By-Side Photo On Instagram

Jenna Jameson encouraged her followers to take care of their bodies on Thursday when she posted a side-by-side photo showing off her weight loss on Instagram. The former adult film actress has been open about using the ketogenic or "keto" diet" to shed the weight she gained during her pregnancy, and it looks like the hard work that she's put in is paying off.

"Even if you don't leap into #keto, try to adopt a 'whole food' diet," Jenna wrote in the caption of her post. "Because your insides matter, and when you take care of your cells, it translates to your outside and your outlook! I've never felt more bright and present. Who could ask for more! Set goals and believe you can achieve."

As Healthline notes, the keto diet restricts the consumption of carbohydrates and promotes eating fats. This reduction of carbs sends the body into ketosis which means that it becomes better at turning fat into energy. There are claims that this diet isn't just good for weight loss but that it also helps people heal their diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's, among other chronic conditions.

Hollywood Life reports that Jameson revealed that she weighed over 200 pounds in April 2018. According to her most recent update, she weighs 127 pounds. In an earlier post this month, she went into more detail as to what she did in order to shed the pounds. The mother of one said that she removed processed food from her diet, eating only when she's hungry, and avoiding snacks.

"I consider eating as nourishing not as a reward," she added. "I adjust my food according to how my body is reacting. If I am stalled, I eat less calories or cut dairy. Most importantly, I treat myself with love and patience."

Jameson also mentioned that she does intermittent fasting as well.

Despite the incredible rate of her weight loss, Jameson said that one of the habits that helped her stay focused was understanding that "slow progress is progress."

"I take progress pictures to motivate me," she said.

As Women's Health Mag reports, Jenna has also previously shared detailed insight into what she eats every day. According to her post from December 3, she starts her day with a cup of coffee "with stevia and sugar free Italian sweet cream creamer." She also revealed that during the day, she eats foods like hardboiled eggs, steak, arugula, cottage cheese, and avocado with an intermittent fast from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m.