December 8, 2018
Nick Cannon Retweets Homophobic Slurs From Amy Schumer, Chelsea Handler, Sarah Silverman

Nick Cannon raised eyebrows on Friday night (December 7) when he took to Twitter to share a string of dated tweets that reveal some of comedy's most successful white women to have thrown homophobic slurs around on social media.

The Daily Mail cites at least three consecutive instances in which Cannon unearthed posts attributed to each of three separate comics who've dropped the f-word that has long been deemed offensive by the LGBTQ community. The Wild 'N Out host first rehashed Handler's history of homophobia on the web by reeling back to 2012 when she wrote, "This is what a f*g bird looks like when he flexes." He'd then put Sarah Silverman under the hot lights by recalling how in 2010 she used the same derogatory term in reference to Ali Fedotowsky of The Bachelorette.

Finally, Cannon put the topic to rest after exposing Amy Schumer for her usage of the word in 2012. "I'm just saying... should we keep going???" he'd caption the Schumer tweet before addressing a fan who challenged him to focus on holding himself accountable above all others. In his retort, Cannon insisted that he be excluded from being held to any precedent on the matter because he doesn't bow to political correctness.

Not once did Cannon make mention of Kevin Hart in any of the posts, but it was clear that his intention was to present the possibility that the industry fosters double standards, given the timing of his spiel. It was only days ago that Cannon went public to throw his support behind Hart on the heels of his resignation from the hosting duties it had been anticipated he'd take over at the 91st annual Academy Awards in February. "We with you regardless!!! You know we feel about people trying to control us anyway," Heavy quotes the 38-year-old actor and producer as saying.

Hart has been under fire since a 2011 tweet surfaced to show that he at one time declared he would break a dollhouse over his son's head and tell him "stop that's gay" if he ever found him playing with it. Eventually, a 2010 stand up special that fans dug up went viral to reveal that he had expressed the same sentiment on stage in a routine that involved him admitting he'd do everything in his power to stop his boy from being romantically involved in a same-sex relationship.

Hart has since issued an apology to the LGBTQ community, stating that he is sorry that he hurt people, and conceding in the same breath that he is looking to continue evolving so far as tolerance and respect for the LGBTQ goes. However, he continues to face opposition from critics who do not believe he has sufficiently addressed his track record on the issue.