August 28, 2018
Kate Middleton Started A Women's Drinking Club While Attending University

The world knows Kate Middleton as the regal Duchess of Cambridge and wife to Prince William. She lives a privileged life in which she can have anything she wants and lacks for nothing. She attends teas and official royal events and has to watch her every move to make sure she doesn't violate royal protocol or break any rules of etiquette. Life wasn't always this way for the duchess though. At one point, she was like the rest of the world. She had normal jobs and studied at university. And she co-founded a drinking club for women. Yes, drinking as in alcohol. It was in response to the men-only drinking clubs that were a tradition at St. Andrews University.

The Guardian reported on Kate's creation of a "girls' drinking society" way back in 2007, a good four years before she wed William. People were already fascinated by the brunette beauty who had drawn the attention of the royal son. They said that the fact that drinking clubs that forbade women from joining "annoyed" Middleton so she reacted by creating a drinking club that forbade men from joining. They also reported that she didn't use the club as an excuse to get drunk in public, in fact, "no one remembers her getting very drunk."

Middleton did visit some of the top clubs in London before she became a duchess, though. The Sun reports that one spot often visited by members of the royal family and by celebrities that she was seen at multiple times is Mahiki in the affluent Mayfair area of London.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, it was at St. Andrews that Kate met her future husband, Prince William. The two were friends for years before things became romantic. William was a geography student at the Scottish university, and Kate studied art history. When the two friends discovered that they both loved "naughty" jokes, their friendship blossomed into something more. As early as 2002, they were living together with another couple with whom they were friends.

The road to the altar was not a smooth one for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They actually split up for a period before they were married. It was tradition at the time for New Year's celebrations to be attended only by members of the royal family. Since Kate was not yet a royal, she couldn't attend, but William's attendance was mandatory. Unfortunately, he had overlooked this rule initially and had accepted an invitation to ring in the new year with Kate's family. She was not happy when he canceled. Looking back, they both now see it as a growing experience from which they both learned.