August 28, 2018
'RHONY's Bethenny Frankel Explains How She's Coping With Boyfriend Dennis Shields' Overdose Death

Bethenny Frankel lost her boyfriend, Dennis Shields, to a drug overdose just over two weeks ago, and on Tuesday, the Real Housewives of New York City cast member took to Instagram to share how she's been coping with her fans and followers.

After posting a video shot of the back of a boat, Frankel posted a clip of her two dogs, Biggy and Smallz, who her daughter, 8-year-old Bryn, had given temporary tattoos on their bellies.

"Mommy time heals all wounds," Frankel wrote in the caption of her short clip, as reported by Us Weekly on August 28.

In the background of the clip, Bryn was heard encouraging her famous mother to tell her online audience that it was she who put the golden tattoos on their pets.

"Say look what my daughter did!" she said twice.

In response to her daughter's request, Frankel told Bryn that she could announce the news herself and within moments, Bryn proudly proclaimed, "Look what I did, I'm Bethenny Frankel's daughter!"

Shields was found dead at his Trump Tower apartment on August 10 after overdosing on prescription pain medication. Days later, his estranged wife, Jill, hinted that the businessman had been taking the medication due to the years of back pain he had endured.

Although Frankel and Shields had only been dating for two years at the time he passed, they had been in one another's lives for about 30 years as friends. Then, in 2016, after Shields split from wife Jill, their friendship turned into a romance.

Shields and Jill were still married at the time he died.

After Dennis Shields' death earlier this month, rumors began swirling regarding a potential engagement between Shields and Bethenny Frankel, and around the same time, an insider spoke of Frankel's heartache.

"She lost her best friend, her partner, her business partner. He's family. His family is her family. They've known each other over 30 years," the source explained to Us Weekly. "She is living her life because there is nothing else to do. You have to go on. Everyone experiences loss and the only thing you can do is pick yourself up and go on."

In addition to coping with the death of Shields by spending time with her daughter, Frankel has also been seen in the Hamptons with friends.

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