August 28, 2018
Photo Of Aretha Franklin Lying In Her Casket Goes Viral As 'Queen Of Soul' Goes Out In Style

The Queen of Soul is going out in style.

A picture of Aretha Franklin lying in her casket gained viral attention this week as the several days of memorial services for the legendary singer kicked off. The Detroit singer passed away earlier this month after a battle with cancer, and on Tuesday, her body laid in repose at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in her home city, Hollywood Life noted. There were long lines of people looking to pay their respects, and photos of Aretha in her casket spread even further.

"In her casket, Aretha had a ruffled red dress on, along with red heels, only fitting, given the star's bold fashion choices through the years," the report noted.

Aretha's splendid final look was a concerted choice, said Linda Swanson, executive vice president of Swanson Funeral Home. Swanson said they wanted the singer to be laid to rest in a way that reflected her larger-than-life legacy on the world of music.

"She is presented in a way that reflects her life and her legacy," Swanson said, via USA Today. "She is, indeed, resplendent in repose, as a queen should be."

Fans seemed to agree, with many saying it was a fitting send-off for a singer who made changed the landscape of music for all women who would follow her.

It wasn't just Aretha Franklin's final outfit that garnered attention. The memorial service also showed off her gold-plated casket, which glistened in the early morning sun as it was brought into her public memorial service on Tuesday. It was a familiar sight for fans of soul -- fellow music legends Michael Jackson and James Brown were both buried in nearly identical caskets, the USA Today report noted.

The pictures of Aretha Franklin decked out in her red dress and red heels gained viral attention, with many sharing the image on social media. It also got attention from celebrity news outlets, including Hollywood Life and others that praised the final fashion choice to honor the singing legend.

There will be other chances for fans to remember the singer's life. The memorial service for Aretha Franklin will continue to stretch over the coming days, with her funeral taking place on Friday. Though only invited guests will be inside the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit for the funeral itself, a number of television networks and online outlets will be live streaming the service.