August 28, 2018
Brit Marling Gives Update On 'The OA' Season 2

The OA was a sneaky hit on Netflix when it was released in December of 2016. The series told the story of a blind woman, Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), who had been missing since she was a child and suddenly returns to her hometown with a new name (The OA) and with her vision restored.

Sitting at eight episodes for the first season, viewers devoured The OA quickly and immediately started asking when Season 2 would be underway. Netflix made the announcement early in February of 2017 that The OA had been renewed for a second season, but then there was little by way of news in relation to when this season would air or what it would be about.

Production on Season 2 of The OA commenced in January of 2018, and the show's creator and main star, Brit Marling, kept fans sporadically updated about The OA's progress via her Instagram account. As a result of this, fans knew that principal photography for Season 2 was completed at the end of June.

What's on Netflix revealed in July that an interview Brit Marling did with Indiewire confirmed that while Season 2 is taking a while to hit Netflix, fans can rest assured that the overall arc of the series is expected to be five seasons.

Now, Brit Marling has updated her Instagram account again with news on how Season 2 of The OA is faring.

"Long a*s days in the edit on Part II of @the_oa," the caption reads.
"We've locked 2 chapters but still have a long way to go. This is me coming back to the edit bay yesterday for round 2 as the sun is going down. I wanted to get back to work. Zal wanted to take photos.???? @z_al."
Season 1 of The OA told the story of Prairie's time in captivity and her newly found skills, the five movements, which she also passed on to a group of people she had selected. The season concluded with a dramatic incident that saw this group of people having to perform the special techniques Prairie had taught them in order to prevent a shooter in the local high school. While the five movements were effective in confusing the shooter, Prairie gets shot in the process.

It was unclear in the Season 1 finale whether Prairie would survive or not, but it appears that her character's role is being reprised for Season 2 of The OA and fans will just have to wait a little bit longer to find out how her story continues.

As yet, there is no official release date confirmed for Season 2 of The OA on Netflix.