August 28, 2018
'The Proposal' Update: Amber Green And Johnny Jez Get Engaged, Show Shares Latest On Their Relationship

Monday night, fans of ABC's The Proposal got to watch one more new episode of the debut season. In this one, Amber Green came on looking for love and she chose Johnny Jez and the two got engaged. Fans were hopeful that Amber and Johnny could go the distance, but it sounds as if it wasn't meant to be.

After Monday night's episode, the show shared an update via Twitter. The post included several cute pictures of Amber Green and Johnny Jez together, and it sounds as if they did date for a while after getting engaged on the ABC series.

Jez flew to Green's hometown of Austin, Texas to visit her, and it looks like they did have some fun times together. Unfortunately, they have since decided that they are better off as friends and they have ended their engagement.

Amber hyped her episode of The Proposal a bit via her Facebook page, but it looks like her Instagram page is currently private. Johnny shared a lot of hype and clips throughout the night via his Instagram Stories, as he had a lot of friends over for a viewing party. It doesn't look like either of the two contestants have said anything about one another or their split via their social media pages.

While Amber and Johnny's episode was supposed to air early on in this debut Proposal season, a scandal of sorts put it on the shelf for a while. TV Insider explains that this is the episode that originally included suitor Michael Friday as one of the contestants.

However, before this Proposal episode aired, sexual assault allegations against him emerged. It had sounded as if ABC would skip airing this one, but they ultimately edited Friday out of the show entirely and now have used it as the season finale.

Will ABC go with a second season of this one? The show was something of a summertime hit, but it fizzled out somewhat in the ratings and ended on a relatively low note. It looks like fans will have to wait and see what the network decides to do on this one.

The premise may have sounded unlikely to produce lasting engagements, but some of the Proposal couples are still going strong. ABC executive Rob Mills told E! News that at this point, four of the 10 couples are still together. Mike and Monica are still together, and it seems that Nicole and Buck are still casually dating one another.

Latoya and Tyler are together, but taking things slowly, and apparently, Celine and Tommy are continuing to date as well. LisaRaye and Anthony were together for a while after their episode aired, but unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago she shared via Instagram that they had split.

Will ABC bring back The Proposal for Season 2? Will any of these remaining couples manage to tie the knot eventually? Stay tuned for updates as they become available.