August 28, 2018
Texas Police Searching For Woman Wearing Restraints Who Rang Doorbell And Disappeared [Video]

The Internet is full of strange and odd stories that usually end up amounting to nothing, but there are some which may go a lot deeper than a viral trend. Police in Texas are reaching out for help in searching for a woman who was seen in a video early on Friday morning. She walked up to a home in a city outside of Houston, rang a doorbell, and ended up disappearing. Making things even weirder is that she appeared to be in distress and wearing restraints.

According to KHQ, the short video was filmed by a security camera at a home in Montgomery, Texas on Friday. The situation took place in the middle of the night and has authorities, news stations, and residents absolutely baffled by everything that transpires in a mere seven seconds.

The owner of the home shared the video with the police after seeing it the next morning and not quite knowing what to make of it.

In the video, an unidentified woman walks up to the front door of the home and simply rings the doorbell. She is barefoot and appears to be very distraught, but making things stranger is that she also seems to be wearing restraints around both of her wrists.

On the woman's right hand is a longer restraint of some kind that has stripes on it. Even though the video is only seven seconds long, you can pause it to clearly see that the restraint on her right hand looks to be a broken pair of handcuffs.

The official Facebook page for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office has put up frames from the video to help residents get a better look at the woman. They are hoping that someone can provide some kind of information about her or the situation shown in the video.

As one can imagine, there is a lot of concern for this woman as no-one else has any record of her being in the area on Friday. Police did say, though, that "numerous citizens" have shared footage and photos of the woman to help figure out who she is.

A lot of missing person flyers weren't also sent to the police which led them originally believe she may have been a missing person. Upon further investigation, the police learned she was not the same person.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office and other Texas authorities are hoping that someone will be able to come forth with more information on this situation. They are hoping to identify the mystery woman in the video who appeared to be wearing restraints and rang a doorbell in the middle of the night. Authorities hope the press release and video can help them figure out who she is and if she is indeed in need of help.