August 28, 2018
Teresa Giudice Mom-Shamed For Putting Her 9-Year-Old Daughter In Makeup, 'That's Not Appropriate'

Real Housewives Of New Jersey (RHONJ) star Teresa Giudice is being mom-shamed, again, this time for putting her 9-year-old daughter Audriana in full-face makeup, Yahoo News is reporting.

As every parent of a preteen knows, you have to walk a fine line with girls that age when it comes to makeup. They may want to imitate their older peers and wear full-on makeup, while parents may try to encourage them to start out small - say, with just a little lip gloss.

Or if you're Teresa Giudice, you can just ignore all that and put your 9-year-old in full-face makeup, regardless of what anyone else may think. And of course, this being the age of social media, you can expect that everyone will have something to say about your parenting, especially if you're a celebrity and tens of thousands of people are pouring over every pixel of every photo you publish.

That's what the RHONJ star found out this week, for the nth time.

As you may know, the family is on vacation in the Bahamas this week. Like all moms do when on vacation with their kids, Teresa has been posting photos. And the one you're about to see below has caused quite a bit of mom-shaming. That's because Audriana is fully made up.

Mom-shamers are not having it.
"Are you f***ing kidding me with the makeup?"

"Beautiful girls, but no need for makeup."

Others took exception to the revealing top worn by 14-year-old Milania, and the unbuttoned shirt (revealing a glimpse of her bra) of 17-year-old Gia.
"Where is the parental control here!!"

"No need for... an un-buttoned shirt. That's not age-appropriate!"

Others, however, came to Teresa's defense. One commenter, for example, pointed out that most moms are simply doing the best they can.
"Your girls are all so beautiful. Despite it all you are doing an amazing job."
Another shamed the shamers right back.
"Any adult with sense knows not to say negative comments about children."
Teresa is no stranger to being mom-shamed, of course. Just last week, as the Inquisitr reported at the time, Teresa caught hell for sharing photos of all four of her daughters in bikinis.

Some commenters were upset with her for putting such young girls - especially Audriana - in such revealing swimwear. Others, however, were more concerned about the girls' tans, urging Teresa to be more diligent about sunscreen, lest the girls get skin cancer.