August 28, 2018
Jamie Foxx Remembers John McCain With Clip Of Pair Dancing: 'R.I.P. You Are A HERO'

Once again, John McCain is being remembered as a hero.

As news of the death of Senator John McCain broke, countless celebrities have been paying tribute to the fallen leader. And while many celebrities didn't always agree with his political views and opinions, one thing that everyone agreed upon was that the 81-year-old was a hero.

Jamie Foxx took to his own Instagram page yesterday, surprising many of his fans by posting both a video and a touching tribute to John McCain. In the video, Foxx and McCain can be seen on stage at a charity event, dancing and having a good time, even busting out the robot move. It's clear that both of the men had a great time and in the caption of the image, Jamie shared some sweet words.

"This is another reason why senator John McCain is so loved... this was him on stage at the Apollo theater charity...he made u feel like politics and being a cool human being lived separately... he shined on em that night... and that robot move was mean! R.I.P. you are a HERO!"
So far, the epic dance video and post has received a lot of attention from Foxx's five million plus followers with over 611,000 views in addition to 2,200 plus comments. Many fans chimed in to comment on the men's dancing skills while countless others remembered the late Senator.
"Love this! A hero and a cool guy! I am astonished by the stories told, tribute, and history of his life."
"Beyond POLITICS he was about HUMANITY, i respected him as a fellow VETERAN as well..despite our political affiliations. May his soul R.I.P..AMEN," another wrote.

"Thank you for sharing this! He will be so missed! What a stellar guy," another wrote.

As the Inquisitr reported on August 25, John McCain died after a long battle with advanced stage brain cancer. The Senator died at his home in Sedona, Arizona and was surrounded by his family at the time of his death. The news of his passing came just one day after his family released a statement, saying that McCain would stop receiving treatments for the cancer.

And as news of his death spread on social media, Jamie Foxx wasn't the only one to remember the Senator on social media. Additionally, countless other celebrities remembered McCain including President Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, as well as many other Senators and political figures.

McCain would have turned 82 years old tomorrow.