August 28, 2018
'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Kendall Has A Tough Decision To Make And A New Suitor Makes His Move

Another episode of Bachelor in Paradise is set to air on Tuesday night and spoilers tease that this one will be packed with chaos. As Monday's episode ended, Joe Amabile had stepped into Kendall Long and Leo Dottavio's conversation and viewers will see this triangle get even more intense during the August 28 show. However, a new sneak peek reveals that there's a third guy who will be hoping to score Kendall's rose at the next ceremony.

ABC details that one guy will be starting to feel more confident in his relationship again after some drama, but he'll be thrown for a loop when she ends up smooching someone else. That clearly refers to Kendall Long and "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile, but Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that the challenges aren't over yet for these two.

Now, a new sneak peek from People shares that "Venmo John" Graham will shake things up before the rose ceremony. He had seemingly hit it off with more than one gal earlier in the season, but he "friend-zoned" Jubilee Sharpe and she headed home, and now he's going to be scrambling.

The Bachelor in Paradise spoiler clip shows John asking Kendall to chat with him in the cabana and he'll talk about how she's a hot commodity heading into the rose ceremony. John will also tell Kendall that he finds her very attractive and he'll note the connection they had right away.

Kendall and John will end up kissing, but it looks like this might be a wake-up call for her. It doesn't take long for her to freak out a bit, realizing that it's Joe who she is most worried about losing.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she will tell Joe about what happened in an effort to be transparent with him. She'll worry that this may be the final straw for him in trying to build a relationship with her, but it looks like she's finally gained the clarity she needed to choose which guy she wants to have her rose.

The women are handing out roses in the upcoming rose ceremony and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that the guys will be tripping over one another trying to secure a way to stick around. Kendall's rose will seemingly go to Joe, but several guys will be doing their best to figure out which ladies might still be available.

Several guys will be heading home during Tuesday's episode, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that at least one female newcomer will cause trouble in an established romance. There are still a number of relationship shake-ups ahead before the September finale and fans can't wait to get updates on how these pairs have done post-filming.