August 28, 2018
Nina Dobrev Flaunts Tan, Sculpted Body In A Tiny Black Bikini At The Beach

Actress Nina Dobrev spent a day at the beach and posted a photo of herself to prove it. She donned a black bikini with white triangles along the trim and a wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses. The photo pictures her from behind as she's kneeling and looking out towards the water with a giant smile on her face. Her flawless skin is sun-kissed and the angle shows off her toned back and arm muscles. The revealing bikini bottom also gives a sneak-peek of her perky backside.

In the background of the photo, a group of people is watching as Dobrev gets her photo taken, giving it a comical effect.

The Vampire Diaries actress didn't post a caption on the photo but fans were quick to send her messages of appreciation. The post earned almost 200,000 likes in just the first hour.

One fan wrote, "The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes and I'm in love with it," followed by a series of heart-eyed emojis. Another commented, "Love that boodyyy I'm obsessed with youu." Many others simply left heart and fire emojis or commented, "beautiful" and "gorgeous."

The former Degrassi star has gained a massive following on Instagram, with her beach photos proving to be quite popular.

Prior to the solo bikini photo, Dobrev posted a selfie including herself and two friends as they hung out at the beach. In the photo, she's holding up a metal flask decorated with a unicorn vomiting a rainbow. The flask also reads "F**king Magical" and Dobrev captioned the photo with a unicorn emoji.

Her fans loved the unicorn flask, posting comments like "Omg I need this flask!!! Where did you get it?!?!" and "I don't drink but I would because there is a unicorn on it."

The actress appears to be having a summer filled with trips to the beach and pool. In several other Instagram shots, she is hanging out in a pool with friends or is playing in the pool and ocean while on vacation in Mykonos.

One photo reveals, once again, her love for unicorns as she stands in the sea with a unicorn tube around her waist. The caption reads, "Rare photo of me with unicorn paraphernalia. Feast your eyes because you won't see this often" and is followed by a unicorn emoji.

Earlier this summer in July, she posted a photo of herself preparing to go surfing. She wore a tiny red bikini that pushed up her cleavage and revealed her flat, toned belly as she stood next to an enormous surfboard. Her caption read, "Surf's up bro."

Many of the actress's fans want to know how she stays fit and trim. According to Teen Vogue, Dobrev grew up as a gymnast and is used to working her body strenuously. Ultimately, she finds that having a support system while working out and looking at her workouts as self-care are the keys to sticking to her exercise plan.

"Whenever I go with my girlfriends they push me and motivate me to do better," Dobrev told Teen Vogue. "Having that support system in class is helpful."

On the topic of seeing working out as self-care, the actress said, "I feel like if everyone did that more, they'd get out more, they'd have more experiences, they'd be more active, and they'd feel better about themselves."