June 10, 2018
Dwane Casey On The Verge Of Taking The Detroit Pistons' Coaching Job

There is some speculation that Dwane Casey is on the verge of becoming the next head coach of the Detroit Pistons. Barring a late push from San Antonio Spurs' assistant coach Ime Udoka, the Pistons will entrust Dwane Casey with their talented, yet underachieving basketball team.

Dwane Casey was making the rounds on television last Friday. The former Toronto Raptors' coach was on ESPN's The Jump, and he confirmed that there has been some significant progress between himself and the Detroit Pistons.

Dwane Casey acknowledged that he has had a few meetings with members of the Detroit Pistons' hierarchy. This includes Pistons' owner Tom Gores. Casey went as far as to say that he is hopeful things will be settled and made official soon.

"I had a great meeting the other night at Tom Gores' home in L.A. Very dynamic owner, I'm very impressed with him and his leadership, his vision. But again, we're talking now."
While discussing his coaching future, Dwane Casey also admitted that his biggest competition for the Pistons' coaching vacancy is Ime Udoka. If the Pistons have a preference for a proven coach they will hire Casey sooner rather than later.

There is guaranteed to be some change with the Detroit Pistons' coaching vacancy, however, SportsNet is reporting that nothing has been finalized with Dwane Casey as of yet.

Hiring Dwane Casey would give the Detroit Pistons a coach with a strong resume. It also means that the Pistons were able to hire their top target, according to ESPN.

Dwane Casey is widely regarded as one of the NBA's best coaches. Casey would still be coaching the Toronto Raptors if it were not for the Cleveland Cavaliers sweeping them in embarrassing fashion in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

If Dwane Casey had won two games versus the Cavaliers, he might still be employed with the Raptors today. Since the Raptors fired him, Casey instantly became the best coach on the market.

The Detroit Pistons has some talented players for Dwane Casey if he indeed lands the job.

Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond have a few NBA All-Star appearances on their basketball resumes, but they only played a couple of months together. A full training camp, along with a healthy Reggie Jackson, could equal a playoff berth.

The Detroit Pistons must improve their shooting in order to have some sustained success. Dwane Casey took some time to point out how the Toronto Raptors got better in every facet under his tutelage. If the Pistons hire him, he could do the same thing for them.

Dwane Casey is beginning to speak as if he will become the new head coach of the Detroit Pistons. Nothing has been confirmed, but a resolution could happen soon.