June 10, 2018
LeBron James Has Reportedly Enrolled His Sons In LA Schools

Now that the 2017-2018 NBA season is over, the rumor mill is in overdrive about where LeBron James will land next season. Dunk Wire reports that according to Vegas odds, the three cities fans think we'll see the legendary player next year are Los Angeles, Houston, and Cleveland. A rumor has hit Reddit recently that could provide the answer. Redditor PZinger6 posted, "Note this is a complete rumor that is going around, but apparently there have been whispers that Bryce and LeBron Jr have been enrolled in an LA school for next year."

While it is just a rumor at this point, Los Angeles would be a logical choice for James. He has always said that his family is as big of a consideration as basketball when it comes to deciding where to make a home. Following the Cavaliers' recent loss in Game 4 of the NBA finals, LeBron said,

"The one thing that I've always done is consider my family, understanding especially where my boys are at this point in their age. They were a lot younger the last time I made a decision like this, four years ago. I've got a teenage boy, a preteen, and a little girl that wasn't around (back then) as well. So sitting down and considering everything… But my family is a huge part of whatever I decide to do in my career, and they will continue to be that."
From a personal standpoint, Los Angeles makes a lot of sense for James. His sons have spent summers in Akron, L.A., and Miami, and his wife Savannah reportedly wants to live in Los Angeles full-time. LeBron also purchased a $23 million home there a few months ago, his second home that's located in Brentwood in L.A.

On the business side, the Lakers have been expected to go after James as well as Paul George for a long time now and could have as much as $70 million to work with to make that happen.

Despite the fact that many fans think Lebron will stay put in Cleveland next year, Sporting News believes he's ready to move on, but don't even mention the Lakers as one of their top three choices. Instead, they believe that James should go to Philadelphia where his experience could really help the 76ers grow, Utah with the Jazz where he could team up with rookie star Donovan Mitchell to keep the Warriors out of the finals, or to the Portland Trailblazers where teaming LeBron up with McCollum and Lilliard could be just the nudge they need to get to the finals next year.