June 10, 2018
NFL Rumors: Seattle Seahawks' Earl Thomas Announces Holdout Over Contract Dispute, Per 'Seattle Times'

Trouble is brewing for the Seattle Seahawks who have been informed that star safety Earl Thomas will be a no-show at Seahawks' mandatory minicamp. The Seattle Times is reporting that Earl Thomas has made it official, he will not be attending Seahawks' minicamp.

Earl Thomas' announcement of his holdout is terrible news for a Seattle Seahawks team that wants to return to the NFL playoffs. The Seahawks missed the playoffs for the first time in five years last season. The Seahawks are a team that had become accustomed to making the postseason and competing for a Super Bowl this decade.

Since 2010, when Earl Thomas was in his rookie season, only the New England Patriots have more playoff appearances than the Seahawks. Earl Thomas has played a major role in the Seahawks' dominance as the team's starting safety and one of the leaders of the defense. Unless the Seahawks give Thomas a brand new contract, those days are over.

Earl Thomas wants the Seahawks to rip up the final year of his four-year, $40 million deal and give him more money. Thomas believes he is justified in holding out for a new deal.

"I want to remain a Seahawk for the rest of my career but I also believe that based on my production over the last eight years that I've earned the right to have this taken care of as soon as possible. I want to have certainty in regards to the upcoming years of my career."
Earl Thomas risks nearly $85,000 in fines for holding out of minicamp. Nevertheless, the risk may be worth taking.

No one will argue about Earl Thomas' impact on the team when healthy. It is clear that the Seahawks severely miss Thomas when he is out. He gets the Seahawks' secondary in order and calls the plays. Earl Thomas is a sure tackler up the middle. The Seahawks struggled with their run defense without him.

Because he is one of the best safeties in the NFL, Earl Thomas is grossly underpaid. It is a stark contrast from when he originally signed his multi-year deal.

At the time he inked his agreement with the Seattle Seahawks, Earl Thomas was the highest paid safety in the NFL. However, with the NFL salary cap increase since Thomas signed his contract extension with the Seahawks, that is no longer the case.

The Seattle Seahawks could look to trade Earl Thomas if both sides continue this impasse. One likely trade destination for Thomas would be the Dallas Cowboys.

According to NBC Sports Philadelphia, the Dallas Cowboys had explored the prospects of trading for Earl Thomas in March. The Cowboys and Earl Thomas seemed like a match leading up to the NFL Draft.

There is also some developing affinity between Earl Thomas and the Dallas Cowboys. However, it could serve as a reason for the Seahawks to stand firm on their trade demands for Thomas when it comes to the Cowboys.

Nothing materialized between the Cowboys and Seahawks, however. It was speculated that the Seahawks wanted the Cowboys to fork over a first-round pick Earl Thomas. The Cowboys understandably said no to the Seahawks. The Earl Thomas soap opera continues until a resolution takes place.

ESPN cites that the Dallas Cowboys has continued to make overtures to the Seattle Seahawks in regards to a trade for Earl Thomas. It is something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks, as the Cowboys could look to acquire Thomas from the Seahawks soon.