June 10, 2018
Abby Lee Miller Is Writing A Prison Tell-All

Abby Lee Miller may be suffering from cancer, but she's not going down without a fight.

According to Radar Online, Abby Lee Miller -- who first came into the pop culture zeitgeist thanks to her hit Lifetime show, Dance Moms -- has sworn to get the word out about her ordeal by writing a prison tell-all book.

The report first came about on June 8, when Miller took to her Instagram to celebrate "Best Friend's Day."

At that time, she said that she had "wonderful best friends" from all around the world, and told them that they were "loved and cherished." She especially thanked them for taking the time to come and visit her every weekend while she was housed at the federal prison.

However, she also revealed that they would soon be telling her prison story "someday," and promised to reveal all that happened during her time at the prison.

In the past, Abby Lee Miller claimed that the prison ignored her frequent cries of pain. She said that they thought she was merely "faking it" to get out of prison early. It was only after she was released from the federal prison that it was discovered she was suffering from an aggressive form of cancer, and by then, it was too late to do anything about it.

In the past, too, she claimed that she would be suing the prison for failing to get her the proper health services that she needed to get a proper cancer diagnosis and treatment regimen.

But a source confirmed to the outlet that Abby Lee Miller has already hired a ghostwriter to help her pen her prison tell-all, and in fact, she'd done so before she even finished serving out her sentence in federal prison.

As fans of the show know, Miller was sentenced to a year and a day in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud after she failed to declare more than $10,000 that she earned as a result of performing in Australia.

Ultimately, Miller was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Burkitt lymphoma that can't be properly cured. Several sources close to Miller have told Radar Online that she only has "months to live," and has already gotten her personal affairs in order so she can pass away in peace.

Despite it all, however, Abby Lee Miller has always made it clear that she appreciates the support of her true friends, limited family, and her friends, even though Dance Moms has been officially canceled as a result of her illness.