June 10, 2018
Video Shows Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Brother Going on Homophobic Rant After His Pizza Order Took Too Long

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Sometimes experiences go viral and are shared with the world. Case in point: Someone just captured on video Cuba Gooding's brother, Omar Gooding, behaving badly and going on a homophobic rant. The embarrassing incident involved the Family Time star going ballistic on Vegas cops and on a bystander who chastised him for treating a pizza restaurant employee poorly.

TMZ originally obtained the shocking footage, reports MSN. In it, you can hear Omar Gooding launch into a barrage of insults about 3 a.m. in the food court and bar area of the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s brother berated the individual who stood up for the pizza man. Gooding used foul language in the incident and was also caught calling the man a "retard." In a particularly low point, Gooding also hurls a homophobic slur at the man a couple of times.

According to witnesses, the uproar started when Omar Gooding started mistreating the employee because his pizza order was taking too long. The former game show host of Nickelodeon's Wild & Crazy Kids began to belittle the worker after he became impatient.

That's when the man stepped in and asked Omar to "calm it down." This evidently incensed Omar Gooding, and directly after that, he launched into a string of verbal abuse.

Security was called in during the incident, and Omar Gooding even challenged the police to take him in. Gooding used several expletives in his exchange with the cops, as evidenced by the footage below. TMZ reports that it wasn't the first time that the Wild & Crazy Kids star had a wild and crazy night, writing that the actor also had a brush with the law in 2013 when he was arrested for DUI.

Be forewarned: If you choose to click on the video, it's explicit.

Later, Gooding was interviewed to see what was behind the outburst. He said that it was late and his pizza was, too. After all, he reasoned, "who wouldn't be a little impatient?"

Omar Gooding said during the interview that he apologized later to everyone involved in the heated exchange. He said that apologies were offered from all the parties involved, including the bystander that stood up for the restaurant employee.

He went on to say, "We calmly communicated, worked it out and all was forgiven."

He also said during the interview that he was "by no means a hater or homophobic." He apologized for the offensive language and wanted to let the world know that it shouldn't define who he is.

Omar Gooding, who also has gone by his stage name, Big O, has worked in the TV and Film industry for over 25 years. The actor starred in television shows such as Playmakers, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper and Smart Guy. IMDb writes that his film credits include Ghost Dad and Baby Boy, the latter of which he received critical acclaim for his role playing "Sweetpea."