November 28, 2015
The Latest Original Christmas Gift Is Bacon Scented Underwear

If seeking the perfect Christmas gift for that relative or friend who has "everything" seems rather difficult, look no further. Bacon Scented Underwear is here. Just don't wear the product anywhere near the dogs, or give them to the mailman.

J&D's are renowned for their bacon-related products, and now they have come up with the perfect Christmas gift for that bacon-crazy relative or friend. Advertising the product as "Stop and smell the bacon," they now offer on their website bacon scented undies for both men and women, along with a handy bacon scented pillow, so you get the appropriate scent when awakening in the morning.

Reading their sales blurb, it seems they offer Bacon Scented Underwear to "lovers of naughty bits," saying the new range of clothing marries the "ultimate in comfort and cured meat," representing the "gold standard of meat-scented luxury undergarments." In fact they reckon is just like having a hot frying pan in your pants.

You'll see from the images, these products even have a red and white color-scheme, adding to them being that most perfect Christmas gift.

After J&D's realized that it was not just Canadians who love bacon, they have gone worldwide, selling their products to an international market. They state that in Canada, 45 percent of the people "prefer bacon to sex" so why not people in countries around the world? Apparently with their latest Christmas gift product, you won't know where your breakfast ends and your lover starts.

However, the company did listen to their legal team when they added the new bacon-scented underwear to their product line, and have posted strong warnings about the product.

According to J&D's, if you have a large dog with razor sharp teeth, it is best not to fall asleep wearing your bacon scented underwear.

Citing mail carriers - notoriously attacked by people's dogs on their rounds - along with zookeepers, dog catchers, veterinarians and circus performers, particularly lion tamers, they stress the product is also not a good product for those involved in those professions.

According to J&D's, it is probably not a good idea to wear your new Christmas gift when hiking in the woods where bears are known to roam, but they state, if you must wear them in that environment, then also carry a firearm.

As reported by, it is of interest to note J&D's reckon they stole top-secret NASA technology to be able to embed the bacon scent into the ink on the Bacon Scented Underwear, for which they thank the space agency.

For those concerned about the laundry, according to J&D's the bacon scent will last through multiple wash cycles and wearings, although they do say this depends on the number of wearings and -- a little tongue in cheek here -- the strength of your own scent.

They do say with care, your new Christmas gift will continue to smell like bacon for up to six months or even a year, but they do suggest washing separately in warm water, using unscented detergent and then air or tumble dry.

The female version of this original Christmas gift has pretty much the same specifications.

According to a spokesman for the bacon-scented and flavored company, each pair of the new Bacon Scented Underwear is hand-crafted in the USA and offers "the support of briefs, the freedom of boxers and the smell of breakfast cooking in your pants." You can purchase these beauties for a mere $19.99.

When it comes to the Bacon Scented Pillowcase, the company reckons the future of sleep is here, and it smells like cured meat. the product was created using the same NASA-obtained technology and with care will hold the bacony aroma for around six to twelve months.

This option is reportedly the best Christmas gift for those who have problems sleeping or awakening in the morning, and for those who love bacon and will give the added benefit of "effortless, overnight weight loss by kicking your digestive system into high gear," but they warn you not to try and eat the pillowcase.

The major benefit is, apparently, that your early morning wake-ups will be just that much easier with the scent of bacon invading your nostrils as the sun comes up. This original and unusual Christmas gift is available at a mere $12.99.

So there you go, for the "perfect" Christmas gift for that awkward friend or relative that appears to have virtually everything, they probably don't currently own Bacon Scented Underwear.

However, if that lady in your life doesn't enjoy bacon, how about buying her the handy "Shewee," but, as the Inquisitr recently reported, that product comes with warnings too.

[Photo via Flickr by Mr. Usaji/CC BY 2.0]