March 7, 2018
Todd Chrisley Shares Heartfelt And Emotional Posts On Struggles With Fame And Rising Above As Fans Applaud Him

For fans who watch Chrisley Knows Best, it's no secret that the family has been incredibly candid about their family issues and struggles. And Todd Chrisley's Instagram page has the same exact feel as his popular show.

Over the past few days, Todd has been sharing photos of himself along with his kids Savannah, Grayson, and Chase as well as his mother, Faye, wife Julie, and granddaughter Chloe. Along with the photos, the 48-year-old has been sharing incredibly raw and heartfelt messages with his 1.6-million-plus followers.

In the first post that came three days ago, Todd explained to fans that their show is only 22 minutes long, which in his opinion is not long enough for people to cast a negative comment or lie about his family, but it happens. The patriarch then goes on to tell fans about his wife's struggle with cancer as well as about losing his own father to cancer. After that, Todd also confesses that a trusted advisor of the family was embezzling money from the Chrisley company, which forced them into bankruptcy.

The following year, Chrisley Knows Best began and Todd says his fans held the family to a "higher level of accountability" while they also remained steadfast in their faith to lift them up.

"We are blessed because this show has taken our family to places we have never been. It has opened doors that would have never been opened," Chrisley wrote.

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In the last post, which came yesterday, Todd tells fans that they can no longer go out in public and enjoy a private dinner together because they have fans coming up to them for pictures or to talk. Chrisley also says that his home has become a tourist attraction and they can no longer go outside in pajamas, because there is usually someone outside waiting to take a photo of them. But Chrisley says that they owe all his fortunes to the fans, which is why they oblige to fan requests.

Once again, Todd reiterates that there are countless lies told about their family on a daily basis, but like they have in the past, the family continues to rise above the noise and tell the truth about their lives on the show because they want everyone to know that they are just like us.

"We have the same issues in our lives that all of you have. We struggle with family friction. We have struggled with addiction, betrayal, heartbreak, shame, fear and financial setbacks but we did it together."
To end the heartfelt series of posts, Todd reminds fans that just because he and his family are famous doesn't mean that they are any better than anyone. Chrisley says that we are all the same in God's eyes and that he will continue to live by that.
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"But my commitment to you is that I will continue to grow, lead, feel, and embrace change while standing steadfast in my convictions of what truly matters to me and that is faith, family,equality and compassion for all mankind," he ends the post.

In all, the photos have received thousands of likes and comments from Todd's fans, most of whom applaud the star for being so candid and using his fame to send a good message.

"I enjoy watching you guys what a true family should be. Sorry with fame comes all those problems."
"It's very rare for people in the public eye to be so vulnerable. God's hand is over your family," another fan said.

Clearly, Todd has a beautiful relationship with his fans and it seems as though it's pretty beneficial to all parties involved.