March 7, 2018
Terrence Jeremy Skeen: Facebook Photos Of Firefighter, 42, Who Allegedly Spat On 3-Year-Old Black Boy Emerge

Terrence Jeremy Skeen is a 42-year-old man who has found himself in trouble after allegedly spitting on a 3-year-old African-American boy and calling him a racial slur. As reported by Heavy, the incident took place in Overland Park, Kansas, at a Hooters eatery. Skeen is a firefighter out of Kansas City, Missouri, who has been accused of spitting on the child on February 26 and calling the little boy the N-word. Ironically, the publication reports that Skeen's Facebook page had commentary about removing Facebook friends who posted "Inappropriate Comments About Someone's Race, Religions, Sexual Orientation or Beliefs."

The Facebook page of Terrence J. Skeen is no longer available. However, Facebook photos of the firefighter have been published on Heavy's website. Skeen faced charges on March 7, with the Overland Park Police Department releasing the statement below about the melee on their Twitter page.

Skeen uses the name Jeremy Skeen, but his full name is Terrence Jeremy Skeen. According to the Kansas City Star, Skeen has worked for the Kansas City Fire Department for approximately 16 years since 2002, save for one year, 2010, when he took off due to personal reasons.

It is not clear if Skeen is still employed as a firefighter with the Kansas City Fire Department. Skeen allegedly told the child's family to "get that little 'N-word' off the floor," and afterward told police that everything was okay because Skeen was a firefighter.

The incident with Terrence and the child's family happened at approximately 8:15 -- presumably in the evening -- on Monday, February 26, after the child wandered away from family. The family was celebrating a birthday party at Hooters. A family member came to retrieve the boy when witnesses heard Skeen use the racial slur. Instead of a physical fight, authorities were contacted about the incident.

Police responded to the incident of a "battery upon a child" after Skeen allegedly spat on the little boy.

The child's grandfather noted that there were 20 or 30 guests at the party and the incident with Skeen left him numb.

"My whole body just went numb. How could someone do that to a child? He's a baby. He's helpless. He didn't deserve that."

Skeen faces a battery charge and other charges, which could land him with a punishment of up to one month in jail and a possible $500 fine.