March 7, 2018
NFL Rumors: Saquon Barkley As Browns' Top NFL Draft Pick Is A Bad Move, According To Colin Cowherd

The NFL rumors that the Cleveland Browns will select running back Saquon Barkley first in the draft has Colin Cowherd cautioning them against that move. The host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd recently gave his take on why it's a mistake to skip another player at the top spot in favor of Barkley. He mentioned situations with the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams who both found decent running backs lately, but also brought up that Cleveland has a more important position to fill using that first pick.

During his recent rant, Fox Sports personality Colin Cowherd mentioned that the Cleveland Browns may have been impressed by what the former Penn State running back showed at the NFL Draft, but that shouldn't move them to use the first pick on him. He mentioned that as far back as just two years ago, teams weren't interested in taking a running back in the first round, but that now the perception has oddly changed to taking one with the first pick.

Cowherd suggested that Cleveland desperately needs a quarterback and in this draft, there are several attractive options available. Among them are USC's Sam Darnold, UCLA's Josh Rosen, and Wyoming's Josh Allen, who he believes will all go within the top 10. Following the recent NFL Combine workouts for scouts, Cowherd posted his own mock draft and suggested the Browns need to get Darnold with that pick. That would mean Barkley falls to the New York Giants, a team that has also been said to be contemplating a quarterback.

Barkley racked up 3,843 rushing yards over his career for the Nittany Lions along with 43 touchdowns. He also showed versatility in terms of receiving and kickoff returns, racking up over 1,000 yards and five touchdowns between those two aspects of the game last season. Barkley set records for Penn State in terms of overall touchdowns, and total yards in a single game (358), making him easily considered one of the best offensive talents available in this draft.

Still, Cowherd mentioned a few recent star running backs that the past NFL Drafts have produced but cautioned the Browns against overvaluing a running back. He reminded fans that Dallas Cowboys' star Ezekiel Elliott inherited the best offensive line in the NFL when he came into the league. Cowherd also brought up how the Jaguars were 3-0 this past season without star running back Leonard Fournette and that they averaged more rushing yards per game without him on the field. Basically, Cowherd is telling the Browns get that quarterback problem fixed ASAP.

The good news for the Cleveland Browns and their fans is the fact that they will also have the No. 4 pick in this year's draft. They can very easily select the players they want with the two picks or even work in some trades. As some fans believe, taking a guy as talented as Saquon Barkley first makes the most sense at No. 1, and then using that fourth pick on a quarterback is the next best move. Other fans would argue that Cowherd is right and the team should opt for the quarterback they believe will guide them to future success.

The Walter Football website's mock draft also suggested that Sam Darnold should be the team's top pick, but they believe taking the USC standout is the mistake in their write-up. The mock draft write-up indicates that they should take Barkley first due to him being the top player available. The site contends that Cleveland could then draft a quarterback later, as there will be a few good ones to choose between at that No. 4 spot. They throw Baker Mayfield into the mix as a potential selection there too.

Will they make a move that frustrates the fans, or one that produces a winning season sooner rather than later? Cleveland Browns fans will finally see which player their team opts to take at the top spot and then again a few spots lower if they're still holding those picks when the 2018 NFL Draft arrives next month.