March 7, 2018
Britney Spears Reportedly Outraged Over Kevin Federline's Insane Child Support Request, According To 'US'

Just because she's worth millions of dollars doesn't mean that Britney Spears wants to give her ex, Kevin Federline, any more money in child support.

As most fans know, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were married for just three years from 2004 to 2007 before they split. The couple reportedly met through mutual friends at a club and immediately hit it off but things ended up taking a turn for the worse over the course of the next few years, resulting in the divorce. According to E! Online, the couple share two children together, Jayden and Sean Preston.

Us Magazine reports that 39-year-old Kevin Federline is now asking for Britney Spears to pay an astounding $20,000 a month in child support. That's $240,000 a year! A source told the publication that Federline wants Spears to "recognize the sacrifices" that he has made for their children before going on to say that if he wants, Federline could prevent Britney from seeing the boys but he hasn't.

Since Britney's infamous breakdown in 2007, Federline was granted full custody of both kids but he has not prevented Britney from seeing Sean Preston or Jayden and has allegedly been very "liberal" about her visitation rights.

But even so, Spears is reportedly outraged that Federline is asking her for $20,000 a month considering that she pays for everything for the kids already, why would he need to ask for more?

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Fox News also reports that Spears believes that Federline wants more money to take care of his other four children, two of whom are with his ex-wife, Shar Jackson, and two of which are from his current marriage to Victoria Prince.

"Britney feels as if she is paying for them also. His rapping and DJ'ing don't pay the bills," the source says.

Now that Britney is doing better, she and Kevin split the time with their children 50/50, according to Us Magazine. The source also states that Britney, who was placed under her dad Jamie's conservatorship in 2007 after her breakdown, will not meet any of Kevin's "outrageous" demands nor will her father. Jamie has also assured Britney that he won't allow her to lose the kids over this because he knows how important they are to her.

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According to Bank Rate, Spears is currently worth an impressive $215 million, a lot of which of came from her lucrative four-year Las Vegas residency.

Only time will tell if Federline gets what he is asking for.