March 7, 2018
South Carolina Cannibalism: Man Who Allegedly Wanted To Eat A Child Released On Bond

A South Carolina man who allegedly wanted to eat a child, and who allegedly attempted to make that happen through conversation with undercover officers, has been released on bond, WMBF-TV (Myrtle Beach) is reporting.

It appears as if Justin Bensing posted his $20,000 bond back on February 14, but the media only realized it this week during a review of court records. That means that the man, who allegedly attempted to procure a child for himself to eat, has been out of jail for several weeks. What's more, according to a court clerk, there are no stipulations on his bond.

Last week, Bensing was one of several dozen individuals caught up in a sex-trafficking sting carried out in upstate South Carolina. As WBMF reported at the time, "Operation Milestone" was intended to catch child predators, sex traffickers, and prostitutes. Although "dozens" of suspects were caught up in the sting, Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis highlighted the case of Bensing, 36, as one of the most disturbing.

According to police, Bensing had made contact with an undercover officer masquerading as an underage girl. Warning: The remainder of this paragraph contains content that may be disturbing to some readers. Bensing allegedly asked the "girl" if she was "ready to be a full time baby maker and sex slave." He had also allegedly expressed interest in the sexual fetish corporphilia -- that is, the eating of feces -- and had told the "victim" that he expected her to drink her own urine. On at least one of his devices, authorities say, he had expressed an interest in "physically cannibalizing" a child.

justin bensing allegedly wanted to canibalize a child

According to a WSNH-TV (Greenville) report from the time, "Operation Milestone" netted Bensing, as well as an additional 44 suspects. Two suspects, identified as a husband-and-wife team of William Anderson III and Samantha Flayhart, were arrested for human trafficking. Meanwhile, an agency that helps human trafficking victims has stepped in to provide aid to the trafficked victims. Another 14 individuals were arrested on various charges related to child sexual predation.

One suspect allegedly wanted to abduct a "teenage girl" -- actually an undercover officer -- and take her to Myrtle Beach and sell her. Another wanted to infect her with a disease.

Last week, as reported by the Inquisitr, a Colorado man serving 300 years for sexual crimes against children was able to walk away from prison scot-free, without even having to register as a sex offender, after his convictions were overturned on a technicality.