March 7, 2018
Kelly Ripa Doesn't Think Arie & Lauren Will Last 100 Days

Kelly Ripa isn't a huge Arie Luyendyk Jr. fan, that's for sure. The morning talk show host didn't hold back when grilling the Bachelor lead on Live! With Kelly and Ryan this morning, but she also chimed in on social media, letting everyone know that she doesn't think that Arie and his fiancee, Lauren, are going to last.

Ripa threw some major shade at Luyendyk and his bride-to-be. When one Twitter user wrote that he gave the couple 100 days, Ripa commented, "you're being generous." Clearly, Ripa doesn't think that the newest Bachelor romance has any kind of real staying power -- which is really how most of the watching world seems to feel at this point.

After Ripa made the comment, someone took a screenshot and sent it to Reality Steve, the man behind all of those juicy Bachelor/ette spoilers each and every season. Steve seemed to get a kick out of Ripa's comment, calling her a "savage."

It's clear that Ripa is just expressing what many people have been thinking since Luyendyk's decision to break things off with one girl because he still had serious feelings for another. Oh, and don't forget, he did this on national television.

You can read Ripa's comment in the post below.

Obviously, Kelly Ripa isn't the only person who is completely baffled by Arie's actions -- and she's not the only one speaking out about them.

After Luyendyk broke things off with Becca Kufrin -- the woman he actually proposed to on the finale of The Bachelor -- the watching world was downright angry. When he proposed to the "runner-up," Lauren, on After The Final Rose on Tuesday night, people were even angrier. And now, with reports that the two are already planning their wedding, many of those people are disgusted. If you read messages on social media today, you'll see that a lot of people are throwing jabs at Arie any which way they can.

For example, many feel as though Arie is rushing to marry Lauren -- because he might change his mind before he makes it down the aisle. We're willing to bet that Ripa agrees with this thought! It's tough to say whether Arie and Lauren are going to make it, but they do seem rather determined to try.