March 7, 2018
A Melania Divorce Could Boost Mrs. Trump's Brand As First Woman To Divorce Sitting POTUS, Reports 'Newsweek'

When one types First Lady Melania Trump's name into Google Trends, the latest rising searches include queries seeking information about Stephanie Clifford - also known as Stormy Daniels - as well as questions like, "When did Donald marry Melania?" Surging searches via Google also include "Melania and Stormy" along with "Melania Trump wedding date."

Typing "Melania" into Twitter's search engine results in the suggestions "Melania Trump," "Melania divorce," and "Melania Stormy." Some of the tweets being published about the topic include folks pontificating about what might happen in the wake of Melania divorcing President Donald Trump. A mix of responses feature Twitter users either encouraging Melania to divorce her husband, or warning her about nefarious things that could occur in the wake of a divorce.

"There's a first time for everything - even a first time a First Lady files for divorce from a Commander in Chief. Melania - you can do this!"

"Waiting for the first divorce of sitting president. Chalk it up to another New Yorker going back to NY "

"Pretty sure Melania has a prenup that throws her out on the street if she initiates divorce proceedings...."

If Melania did choose a divorce, it would be the first time a first lady ever divorced a sitting president, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The effects of a divorce on Melania Trump are examined.
The effects of a divorce on Melania Trump are examined.

According to Newsweek, the bad scenarios being imagined by some social media users about the life Melania might face in the wake of a divorce might not come to pass. The publication notes that infidelity can rock a marriage to its core, with adultery prompting 20 to 40 percent of divorces in the U.S.

The publication points to a recent Valentine's Day Marist poll that said 34 percent of people in the U.S. believe Melania should divorce Donald after 13 years of marriage. The publication examines if Melania would self-destruct or experience her brand expanding in the wake of a divorce from The Donald. Newsweek surmised that Melania might experience backlash from Trump's base of supporters if she divorced her husband, who might view a divorce as a betrayal of the Trump camp.

Melania could potentially fall out of daily headlines and lose the notoriety that a current first lady enjoys. However, if Melania became the first FLOTUS ever to divorce a sitting president, Melania could move into unchartered territory that could potentially bring big book advances, speaking fees and the like - ones that any contractual obligations would allow. And with Melania often seen as a sympathetic figure by certain segments of the public, a divorce could work to her advantage.