March 7, 2018
'The Bachelor': Arie and Lauren Step Out Together For First Public Interview Since Becoming Engaged

This season of The Bachelor is now a thing of the past, but it has gone down as one of the most dramatic moments in the show's history. These past two nights have been full of drama, and emotions are still running high. There was a social media frenzy, especially on Monday night, when Arie Luyendyk Jr. broke it off with Becca Kufrin after proposing to her on the finale. However, all is not lost, as it was announced that Becca is the new Bachelorette star and will try her hand at finding love once again. Arie also got down on one knee last night to propose to his runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

Arie and Lauren made it to New York City on Wednesday morning to chat with Michael Strahan on GMA. Arie came out first to talk about what happened and why he proposed to Becca in the first place. He reiterated what he said on After the Final Rose last night. He said he was conflicted and that there was a timeline for the show. Strahan put him on the spot by saying that he didn't have to propose. Arie once again mentioned that the pressure was there and that he puts all the blame on himself for choosing to do that.

Now that he and Lauren are engaged, Arie said he is happy with his decision. He believes that there has been a happy ending for him, and he is thrilled that his ex-fiance will be slipping into the spotlight as the star of The Bachelorette. Becca may also get her happy ending when her

A few clips of The Bachelor were shown on GMA of the on-air breakup between Arie and Becca in which the newly engaged couple had not seen until this morning. Lauren was asked how she felt after watching them.

"It's definitely difficult to watch, but we're together and that's what matters the most to us."

She did clarify that she feels bad for Becca and hates that she has been so hurt in all of this. The backlash of this whole fiasco has been swift and sharp. Social media went completely crazy after Bachelor Nation witnessed Becca's heartbreak in its unedited version.

Arie and Lauren said that they are trying to keep communication open with each other and at times try to laugh a little bit when they catch wind of all the hate they are getting now.

Their first public date will be having dinner together when they get back to Arizona where Arie lives, unless they get snowed in while they are in New York. They are enjoying the little things that they can now do together and not be hush-hush about it.

Jason and Molly Mesnick, who went through similar circumstances when Jason was trying to find love on The Bachelor, sent out a message to Arie and Lauren saying that they shouldn't listen to all the negativity that is sent their way. Their advice was to just mute it and love each other. Oh, and Jason suggested that they get out of town for a bit as well.

Michael Strahan joked that Lauren let Arie off way too easy. Many Bachelor fans probably feel the same way. He laughed that he would have made Arie pay a little bit for letting her go in the first place. However, it looks like Lauren is just happy to finally be by his side and not have to hide out anymore.