March 7, 2018
Jill Duggar Rocks Pants And Shows Off Two-Year-Old Son's Chess Skills On Same Day 'Counting On' Airs

Jill Duggar is being praised for wearing pants and teaching her oldest son how to play chess. The former Counting On star can be seen doing both of these things in a recent Facebook video. Most of her followers found the short clip cute and entertaining. However, some fans let her know that they still miss seeing her and her kids on the Duggar family's TLC series.

On Monday evening, Counting On viewers tuned in to the show to watch their favorite family turn the Duggars' backyard into a mini waterpark complete with a super-sized homemade water slide and a kiddie pool. Sadly, one face was noticeably absent among the little ones splashing about. Two-year-old Israel missed out on all the fun because his father, Derick Dillard, decided that he no longer wants his family to appear on Counting On. However, a few hours before the show aired, Jill took to Facebook to give fans a video update on what her oldest son has been up to.

In the video, Israel is sitting on the floor beside a chess board. Jill is sitting cross-legged beside him, and she's trying to keep her youngest son from grabbing chess pieces.

"No chessy for you," she tells seven-month-old Samuel before pulling him away from the board.

The mother then asks Israel to identify each chess piece as she holds them up, and he gets them all correct. He might not be capable of playing the game just yet, but Jill is already asking her Facebook followers if they know of any chess competitions for ages two and under.

Jill's comfy outfit choice makes it easier for her to crawl around on the floor with her kids. As you can see, her latest look consists of a baggy sweatshirt and a pair of tight skinny jeans.

The novelty of a Duggar woman rocking pants still hasn't worn off for some fans. A few of Jill's Facebook followers responded to her video by commenting on her clothes, and most of them were supportive of her fashion choices.

"I get so happy every time I see one of these girls wear pants. Modesty can still be represented in something other than a skirt," wrote one fan. "I know I shouldn't focus on that particular aspect of their attire, but....Yay for ya'll!"

As reported by In Touch Weekly, it's become quite common to see Jill Duggar wearing pants. She can be seen rocking jeans in many of her and her husband's social media photos, including the one below. Her shunning of skirts is a major deal to fans because the Duggar girls are basically banned from wearing pants as long as they're still living under their parents' roof.

Now that Jill is married, her husband's opinions on women's apparel are the only ones that matter. However, thanks to the Duggar daughter's upbringing, Derick Dillard doesn't just get to decide what his wife is allowed to wear. The Duggars are followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), a religious organization that instructs women to be submissive to their husbands. Jill was taught that the man she would someday marry would have God-given authority over her. Some fans think this is why she no longer appears on Counting On.

"She'd be on the show but her husband says no!" read one response to her Facebook post.

As reported by CafeMom, Derick has confirmed that he made the decision to keep his family off Counting On. Many fans are saddened that Jill and the kids aren't on the show anymore, but they're happy that she's still keeping them updated on their lives.

"Love that we are still able to see this amazing family!!" wrote one of her Facebook followers. "Miss you on the show!! You are great parents!"