March 7, 2018
Thomas Gibson Fans Have 'Fingers' And 'Toes Crossed' Excited About 'Shadow Wolves' Pilot

Thomas Gibson fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are tweeting their support for the new Shadow Wolves pilot starring their favorite heartthrob. Gibson would portray the head of an NSA anti-terrorism unit, in this exciting thriller, written and directed by McKay Daines. According to the Shadow Wolves website, the show will feature a team of Native American border patrol officers.

Thomas Gibson formerly portrayed Aaron Hotchner or "Hotch" on Criminal Minds, but was terminated in a way that offended Gibson's fan base, which was, incidentally, a large fraction of the Criminal Minds fan base. Criminal Minds ratings have declined considerably in the two seasons that followed amid massive Twitter protests by Thomas' fans under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch.

Criminal Minds' future remains uncertain without Thomas Gibson, according to TV Fanatic.

"This once hot crime solver has continued to drop in Season 13. It is averaging 5.8 million viewers and a 1.1 rating. It still secures solid gains in delayed viewing, but a decision could come down to the wire."
Shadow Wolves could give Thomas Gibson fans, many of whom followed Thomas for over three decades, the opportunity to see their heartthrob in a weekly television series again. Thomas' fans at #NoHotchNoWatch are hopeful. Many tweeted they were keeping their fingers and toes crossed that Shadow Wolves would be picked up by a major television network.
Thomas Gibson fans have remained loyal in their protests for the return of Hotch for nearly two years following Gibson's termination from Criminal Minds. Thomas Gibson's fan base at #NoHotchNoWatch dared to challenge the narrative of the official story spread by CBS and ABC. They demanded a formal apology from these media giants as well as the return of Hotch.
Shadow Wolves starring Thomas Gibson, Graham Greene, and Louise Lombard would offer everything Criminal Minds once offered and more. There will be plenty of action, and a host of young actors and actresses as well as Gibson, Graham Green and Louise Lombard. For more information on Shadow Wolves see this from the Inquisitr.

Thomas Gibson's sizable fan base is eager to provide ample support as avid fans of Shadow Wolves. The group has proven loyal, many following Gibson since his soap opera days, through Dharma and Greg, and on to Criminal Minds, but when Thomas was terminated they refused to watch the show anymore, calling themselves #NoHotchNoWatch.

Thomas Gibson and former Criminal MInds costar Matthew Gray Gubler
Thomas Gibson and former Criminal Minds co-star Matthew Gray Gubler

Thomas Gibson fans held massive protest nights on Twitter under the hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch. The protests continue to this day, every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Now the fans are eyeing Shadow Wolves in much the same way Christopher Columbus's crew must have looked at the American coast.

Shadow Wolves could be a new start for Thomas Gibson and his fans at #NoHotchNoWatch.