March 7, 2018
Helen Mirren, 72, Shares Makeup-Free Photo Before Oscar Awards

Helen Mirren shared a makeup-free photo of her face before her glam squad started working on her for the 2018 Oscar Awards that was held Sunday night. The 72-year-old actress looked elegant on the red carpet in a beautiful blue gown. She looked every inch the movie star she is -- and definitely ageless.

Mirren wanted to show her fans how she looked before her stylists did their magic. She was seated wearing a robe with her short hair a bit in disarray when she snapped the photo.

"Oscar night before," Helen Mirren captioned the makeup-free post.

The actress wasn't afraid to show her bare face to the world on social media. Fans loved her look and raved that she's a natural beauty. Many agreed that she's one of those women who doesn't need a lot of makeup and that she gives them hope about getting older.

Mirren recently told The Daily Telegraph that she's battled insecurity all her life. She revealed that she still struggles with it on a daily basis and has even had panic attacks in the past. The Winchester star had insecurities about her body when she rose to fame in the late 1960s. Helen said that she's never "felt beautiful." The insightful actress said there are people who're beautiful and that she's "objective enough" to not categorize herself in that category. In a matter of self-reflection, Mirren explained that even now she thinks it has more to do with "wit and intelligence rather than the way I look." She added that she doesn't "feel clever or funny enough."

Helen Mirren added a second photo once her hair and makeup were complete for the Oscar Awards.

"And after,....with the help of those in the photo," she wrote for the second photo.

Helen's team put on layers of makeup and added the finishing touches to her gorgeous hair. She dazzled in diamond and sapphire jewelry that perfectly matched the form-fitting gown she wore.

Helen Mirren Makeup-Free Photo
Helen Mirren on the red carpet at the 2018 Oscars on Sunday, March 4.

Helen Mirren is known for being one of Hollywood's timeless beauties. She may not see herself as beautiful, but millions would disagree. The famous star is known for her class, wit, and incredible beauty. Her candor and ability to relate to others only enhances her appeal.