January 13, 2018
Fans Worry About Duggar Family's Clothing Choices For Their Children As They Head To Australia

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Duggar family is taking most of their unmarried children with them to Australia to speak about homeschooling and some other parts of their Christ-centered lifestyle. However, it isn't the trip that fans are worried about, but the clothing choices for their younger children.

The family posted photos of themselves on their official Facebook page gearing up to go to Australia, which, like all things they do, caused a significant amount of controversy.

Fans commented that the family seemed to be a little too bundled up for a trip to Australia, where it is actually the summer season. They chided Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for putting their younger daughters, Josie and Jordyn, in big coats instead of clothes more appropriate for summer weather.

There was also a significant amount of controversy over Josie Duggar, the youngest member of the family, and her choice of footwear. The young girl seemed to be clad in a pair of cowboy boots and a parka, but fans were appalled that her "cheap" parents would allow her to wear such boots.

Some mistook the pink part of the cowboy boots for Josie's skin, insisting that the Duggar parents were irresponsible and put their child in cheap shoes and no socks. Others said that the shoes looked incredibly well-worn and had likely had many different former owners. One commenter said the shoes appeared to cost less than $0.25 and that a homeless person wouldn't even wear them.



Jim Bob Duggar has been well-known for his phrase, "Buy used and save the difference," which also goes hand-in-hand with his debt-free lifestyle. The children have been seen on both 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On shopping at thrift stores for new clothing.

In a recent Facebook post, the family was slammed for their celebration of daughter, Jordan's, ninth birthday. In the video, the pair stated that they had purchased Jordyn's "fancy" birthday dress at a thrift store, and felt that them "going on" about how much money they saved on her dress was inappropriate. They were also chided for not splurging on something new for the "overlooked" child to wear.