January 13, 2018
'Roseanne' Revival Spoilers: Becky's Life Will Be Greatly Changed

The Roseanne revival is sure to be one of TV's biggest hits in 2018, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the big return of the Conner family since the announcement that the original cast would be returning for brand new episodes. However, fans will see that the lives of the family members have changed a lot since the last time they were seen on television.

According to the latest edition of Entertainment Weekly magazine, Roseanne revival viewers will see Dan and Roseanne's oldest child, Becky Conner, in a low place in her life. Becky will reportedly still be living in Lanford, Illinois and working as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant to make ends meet. While Becky will no longer be living with her parents, she will be very strapped for cash. However, the biggest change in Becky's life will be the fact that she's now a widow.

As many Roseanne fans already know, Becky's husband, Mark Healy, will be revealed as dead in the revival. This is due to the fact that the actor who portrayed Mark in the original series, Glenn Quinn, tragically died from a drug overdose just a few years after wrapping the series. Roseanne Barr didn't want to recast the role, and so they will honor Mark and Glenn's memory in the revival. Mark's death will be mentioned more than once in the 9-episode season, and Darlene and David's son will also be named after his late uncle.

Fans who watched the original Roseanne series know that Becky Conner grew up getting very good grades and was considered to be the Conner kid with the most potential. However, after meeting Mark Healy while still in high school and running off to marry him without her parent's permission, Becky's life took a dramatic turn. She began working a string of jobs that she hated, and eventually moved to a trailer park.

In the Roseanne revival, fans will see Becky struggle with money and emotions. In addition, she'll decide to make a life changing decision to become a surrogate mother for a local women named Andrea, played by Sarah Chalke. Many viewers may remember that Chalke portrayed the role of Becky Conner when actress Lecy Goranson left the show to attend college. Sarah will now return in a new role, and have a lot of scenes where she interacts with Becky.

The Roseanne revival is set to premiere on March 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.