January 13, 2018
Jinger Duggar Vuolo And Jeremy Vuolo Reportedly Had Trouble Conceiving Before Baby Announcement [Rumors]

Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have recently announced they are expecting their first child, per a US Weekly report. Duggar fans everywhere rejoiced, as Jinger has been the very first (only) married Duggar sibling to not announce a pregnancy within a few months of marriage.

Some fans thought the pair might be using birth control since they did not announce their pregnancy for 14 months after they tied the knot. However, there is some evidence that suggests the pair might have been trying to conceive all along and were simply unlucky in that regard.

In several interviews with the couple, children were brought up routinely, partially because Jinger's family is so large and most of her siblings want "as many babies as God will allow."

Both of them seemed to want to avoid the question or sometimes seemed uncomfortable, which had many assuming they were actively preventing a conception. However, it may be possible the pair was trying to conceive and had trouble doing so.

Jeremy Vuolo mentioned in his five-year plan that he did want to have children during that time, but he stated that the question of whether or not he and Jinger Duggar Vuolo wanted children was an "awkward" one.

The big tip-off came from a comment Jeremy Vuolo made about his in-laws Kendra and Joe Duggar's baby announcement. In the congratulations, Jeremy stated that the pair was lucky to have been blessed with a child so soon after their marriage, which suggests that her and Jinger Duggar Vuolo may have had trouble conceiving a child and had been trying since the pair tied the knot.

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been widely praised as a "rebel" in the Duggar family, as she has been wearing jeans and other fashionable items like heels and sleeveless tops that were forbidden in her Duggar family upbringing. Some thought that foregoing children immediately after marriage was also another rebel move but that might not be the case.

While Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been slated as a "rebel," her husband Jeremy is a pastor at a very conservative church in Laredo, Texas. Amongst other things, he has condemned Catholics and the LGBTQ community, meaning that Jinger Duggar Vuolo probably hasn't strayed as far from her family as many might have hoped.