December 25, 2017
Donald Trump Reportedly Spent Christmas Morning Ranting About Wanting To Attack FBI, Democrats On Twitter

Donald Trump apparently does not take a break from Twitter, even on Christmas.

A report on Christmas Day claimed that the president was itching to get back on social media so he can continue the attacks he has been leveling against the FBI and Democrats, and even bothered friends and family with rants about not wanting to hold back. Trump has been using his Twitter page frequently to take aim at FBI figures who have been accused of bias, with Trump often responding directly after seeing reports on Fox News.

According to one Democratic political operative, Trump's friends and family had to keep him from spending his Christmas morning launching even more attacks. Scott Dworkin, a Democratic strategist under Barack Obama and regular MSNBC contributor, tweeted on Monday morning that he heard from White House sources that Trump was finding it hard to take the morning off from his attacks.

Trump had already spent the early morning hours on Christmas Eve taking aim at FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe because of his wife's 2015 Virginia Senate campaign. According to ABC News, she had accepted donations from Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has connections to Hillary Clinton. McCabe had been interviewed by the House Judiciary, Oversight, and Intelligence Committees, and the report noted that there were contentious exchanges with Republicans on those panels.

Trump tried to tie McCabe to Clinton in his Christmas Eve post to Twitter, claiming that the FBI deputy director was trying to help Clinton win.

Trump reportedly hoped to continue these attacks on Christmas Day, Dworkin reported, but ended up holding off.
By late afternoon, Donald Trump had tweeted just once on Christmas, a video message wishing followers a Merry Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Trump had bragged that he led the "assault" on those trying to thwart saying "Merry Christmas," claiming that the use of the phrase is his doing.
That tweet prompted some contentious replies, including some who noted that Barack Obama frequently and regularly said "Merry Christmas" in his holiday greetings and wrote the phrase on official White House statements both sent out formally through his office and informally on Twitter. Some even posted video compilations of Obama saying the phrase dozens of times.