November 18, 2017
Angelina Jolie Dissed Margot Robbie Amid Claims She Instigated Brad Pitt Divorce — What Happened?

Angelina Jolie clearly wasn't in the mood for a friendly exchange with Margot Robbie at the Hollywood Film Awards two weeks ago, it's been reported.

The actress seemed completely out of it when Robbie had approached her as a friendly gesture to greet her with a simple hello.

Sources tell In Touch that Angelina Jolie reacted very coldly to Margot's move, looking back at the Australian beauty and allegedly saying, "I know who you are," before walking in another direction while turning her head.

So, why the cold shoulder from Angelina Jolie?

Insiders allege that Angelina is no big fan of Margot, who Jolie had allegedly tried to prevent from landing her role in the film Brad Pitt produced and starred in, The Big Short.

It was alleged that Angelina Jolie had gotten the impression Brad Pitt was crushing on the movie star, reportedly making her feel insecure and trying every way possible to remove the 27-year-old from the cast list.

Of course, those plans clearly failed.

It's further stressed that Angelina Jolie had gotten the impression that Brad was falling for Robbie, which caused tension in their household since the actress couldn't get away from the supposed fact that her man had a crush on one of his co-stars.

As previously mentioned, Angelina, who has since filed for divorce from Pitt, didn't care to come off as cold-hearted to the Australian star, it's reported, as she walked in another direction, leaving Margot stunned.

Margot, for all that fans know, may not have been aware of what the issue between her and Angelina Jolie was, and considering that the A-list star didn't care to make conversation, it's clear that there's definitely one-sided tension between the duo.

News of Angelina Jolie allegedly giving Robbie the cold shoulder comes just weeks after reports had claimed that Brad and his estranged wife are actively moving on from one another.

They remain good friends as they co-parent their six children, but as far as their relationship status is concerned, they are both hoping to start dating very soon now that their own feuding has come to an end.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]