November 18, 2017
Louis Farrakhan Press Conference: Muslim Leader Warns Donald Trump To 'Repent For America's Sins'

Minister Louis Farrakhan held a press conference at the Watergate Hotel on Thursday and warned President Donald Trump to show penance for the country's sins. The Nation of Islam leader, who sent mixed messages in his speech about Trump, blasted American critics for harsh criticism and ongoing calls for impeachment. Minister Farrakhan scolded Americans that the president is a reflection of the country's image and suffering, this according to a new report.

Louis Farrakhan, 84, spoke before a capacity crowd in a building that is synonymous with Washington's most ill-famed scandal to rock American politics. The events surrounding the burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters eventually led to President Richard Nixon's resignation ahead of an impeachment trial.

According to a Google search, the hotel is located a mere 1.5 miles from the White House. Louis Farrakhan delivered a fiery speech about Donald Trump's impact on social relations -- particularly on race and discrimination -- in America and the disjointed relationships among Middle Eastern Muslims on their native soils.

In his charged oration, Farrakhan addressed his talking points to Trump and discounted the GOP leader's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again" by offering his interpretation of the catchphrase.

"Mr. President, you won't make America great again, not in our time. She [America] became great killing Native Americans. She became great enslaving us, bringing us from Africa into America to work the cotton fields. You're not going to get that opportunity back anymore."
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Nation of Islam's inception occurred in 1930s Detroit. Its sole purpose was aimed at liberating African-Americans from "servitude" to white dominance.

The NOI, under Louis Farrakhan, teaches his congregation that blacks are, by nature of existence, superior over their white counterparts, a notion that is called "bizarre" theology by the SPLC. As the source suggests, establishment Muslims push back against Farrakhan's radical teachings while others castigate the organization for using hateful and divisive rhetoric to advocate separatist principles.

Minister Farrakhan warned President Trump to take a leadership role and use his platform to make atonement to a scarred society. He advised the president to "repent for all of the evils that America has done to us, to the peoples of the world," according to Yahoo! News.

Farrakhan continued his analysis of Trump by drawing a comparison between him and the embattled president. The controversial NOI minister said he and Trump are similar in their perception of the "global power structure."

The president talks on occasion about how the economy is "rigged" and the entities often blamed for its decline are scapegoats. Similarly, Farrakhan often teaches Nation of Islam followers that Jews and Israelis, not Muslim extremists, were behind the coordinated terror attacks in the United States in 2001.

The liberal media, Independents, and Democrats often criticize Donald Trump about his firebrand style of leadership. Early in his campaign, Trump came under fire for placing institutional labels on minorities (Muslims and Mexicans). Furthermore, he's been losing ground among women voters for his Trump-grade sexism aimed at women in the entertainment industry: Rosie O'Donnell, Megyn Kelly, and the unnamed victims in the infamous "grab them by the pu**y tape," according to the Telegraph.

Farrakhan stops short of applauding Trump's behavior. Instead, he called Trump "real, transparent" and said, "he is what he is." Minister Farrakhan then showed empathy for the beleaguered president and placed blame on voters in both main parties for allowing his brand of politics to rise.

"He's telling lies all right, and you're angry because he's your reflection. He's an anomaly. You can't make him what you desire him to be so you can say, 'That's my president.' He wasn't made that way."

[Featured Images by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]