November 18, 2017
Is David Cassidy Dead? Hoax Reports Spread On Social Media After Music Legend Hospitalized With Organ Failure

News that David Cassidy had died spread across the internet, with misinformation apparently rampant as the music legend entered the hospital in grave condition with organ failure.

On Saturday, reports emerged that the former teen idol was hospitalized with multiple organ failure, and appeared to be in his final days. But with few updates on his status, misinformation appeared to take hold with apparently false reports that Cassidy had died.

As many fans took to the internet to search for updates on David Cassidy's health, many encountered a blog claiming that he had passed away at the hospital. The report, which came from a Wordpress blog called The Wire Republic Blog, claimed in a short article that Cassidy had passed away. The article had no author listed, and cited no sources for the news of Cassidy's passing.

There were no other sites reporting that David Cassidy had died, but the apparently false report was still spreading across social media, with a number of shares on Facebook and Twitter. Meanwhile, outlets like NBC News were reporting that Cassidy was no longer in a medically induced coma, and was conscious and surrounded by loved ones.

The site appeared to be capitalizing off other reports claiming that Cassidy was on his death bed. The entertainment news site TMZ reported that Cassidy was "near death" and was expected to die if he did not receive a liver transplant soon.

Cassidy had seen a sharp decline in health over the past year, announcing earlier in the year that he was suffering dementia and would no longer be able to tour or perform his famous songs.

As the false report of David Cassidy's death took hold, many people took to the internet in confusion about his health, with others leaving message of support for his friends and family members.

The site that claimed David Cassidy is dead appears to be spreading other misinformation. Another story claimed that Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe had died, though no other mainstream news outlets are reporting that the 93-year-old, who is losing his position of power amid a military coup, had died.

Though the apparently fake report claiming that David Cassidy was dead gained the most popularity, other users on Twitter apparently spread the misinformation, whether intentionally or not, that the music legend had died of his illness.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]