November 18, 2017
Duggar Family News: Jana Duggar's Entry In The 'Family Scrapbook' Is Breaking 'Counting On' Fans' Hearts

Among all of the Duggar children, Jana Duggar has become a favorite among the family's fans. Now pushing 28 and still unmarried, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's children remains one of the most mysterious and private members of the iconic reality TV family. Just recently, some Counting On fans took notice of Jana's profile in the Family Scrapbook on the official Duggar Family website. Needless to say, many Counting On fans are heartbroken.

The Family Scrapbook in the official Duggar family website includes fields for each family member's favorite Bible characters, quotes, family trip, and future plans. As noted by members of the r/CountingOn subreddit, Jana's entries in her personal profile seem to be very telling.

Immediately noticeable from Jana's profile was the fact that the eldest Duggar daughter did not list down anything for her future plans. While her sisters, such as Jill and Joy-Anna, specifically wrote that they want to be mothers, Jana's field was simply empty. This, of course, has managed to get many members of the subreddit quite worried. After all, it almost seems like Jana, at least on her own, does not have any plans for her future.

As noted by other members of the online community, however, the absence of Jana's future plans in the Duggar Family Scrapbook might mean that the eldest Duggar daughter is simply keeping her thoughts and wishes private.

"She may have plans, but is afraid to share," wrote one member of the r/CountingOn subreddit.

"She was probably uncomfortable listing her lack of want for five million kids. Better nothing than worldly in that house," wrote another.

Apart from the lack of her future plans, Jana Duggar's profile in the Family Scrapbook also revealed that one of her favorite Bible characters is Job. Among the Old Testament characters, Job is particularly noteworthy due to his tribulations. Over the course of his life, Job was subjected to years of what could only be described as torture, only to be rewarded later on for his faith.

Interestingly, John-David Duggar, Jana's twin, also stated that his favorite Bible character was Job.

One particular tidbit that has caught the attention of many members of the Duggar family was Jana's favorite family trip. In her personal profile, Jana specifically stated that her favorite family trip was The Girls' Book Tour, which happens to be the last trip she took with her sisters before they started getting married.

"Her favorite family trip response is telling as well. It really sounds like she feels left behind with all her close sisters getting married and having their own lives without her," one member of the r/CountingOn subreddit wrote.

For now, it remains to be seen what would happen to Jana Duggar in the years to come. Rumors are already flying alleging that the eldest Duggar daughter is dating, though none of these speculations have been confirmed by the family. For now, members of the Duggar community can only wait and see what becomes of Jana Duggar.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]