November 18, 2017
Abby Lee Miller's Latest Instagram Video Confuses Fans, Is She Getting Special Treatment In Jail?

Abby Lee Miller has been quite active on social media despite being locked up in jail -- something that many find shocking.

On Friday, the former Dance Moms mentor took to Instagram and gave her fans yet another update while serving her sentence at FCI Victorville. The 51-year-old choreographer shared a video of herself for the first time since starting her year-long jailtime.

In the video, Abby Lee Miller can be seen enthusiastically showing off her favorite meal -- soup and salad. Interestingly, the controversial dance instructor was all glammed up in the clip, complete with full-on makeup and jewelry. The ALDC owner even managed to wear a sweatshirt from her own clothing line.

According to reports, the video appeared to be taken inside the FCI Victorville facility, probably during visiting hours.

With Abby Lee Miller's recent social media activities, many are curious as to why she was able to have access to the internet despite being locked up in jail. Some even question the authenticity of the posts, adding that someone else might be posting updates on behalf of the Dance Moms star.

Some even questioned why the famous choreographer was able to eat special meals and even wear clothes of her choice.

However, Life & Style magazine noted that FCI Victorville is not the kind of jail people see in movies. The outlet pointed out that the jail has specific rules when it comes to allowing their inmates to use and carry personal items inside.

Apparently, the facility's handbook states that personal items are allowed as long as it has approval from the management. The webloid cited that things like makeup and snacks can be brought inside the prison.

However, it was noted that "only food purchased by the visitor from the vending machines can be accepted by an inmate. Visitors are not allowed to give any other items to inmates. Inmates will not share food or beverages with visitors."

Despite that, some were wondering why Abby Lee Miller was able to have her special soup in the video considering that it's most likely not from the prison's vending machine. There were even some who assume that the former Dance Moms star might be getting special treatment because of her celebrity status.

Still, it is worth noting that the video in question was possibly taken even before she started her sentence as no date was mentioned in the post.

So far, representatives from the facility have yet to comment on the matter. It also remains unclear whether or not Abby Lee Miller was the one who personally shared updates on her social media accounts.

[Featured Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]