November 18, 2017
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Julian Is On Alexis' Mind This Thanksgiving, Will She Give Him Another Chance?

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will become nostalgic this Thanksgiving as she pines for Julian Jerome (William deVry). Things have changed so much for Alexis and she can't help reflecting on the last year. GH fans will remember that she had quite an eventful 2016 Thanksgiving when she tried to run her husband down with her car. In a recent interview, Nancy Lee Grahn summed up Alexis' life succinctly.

"Don't marry a guy just because the sex is good. Don't drink and drive. And don't leave daggers lying around the house."
Sam tried to hook her mother up with the mysterious Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) and for a while, it seemed as if these two might have a good thing going. However, everything changed when Alexis went to see Julian in prison when she heard that he had been attacked. It was the point of no return, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Alexis realizes that she is still not over the man who tried to kill her. Although Dr. Bensch continued to make advances, Alexis now brushed him off. She Knows Soaps even recaps how she tells him that she doesn't want him to wait around for her because her plate is quite full at the moment. Dr. Bench replied that she was worth it, but it doesn't seem as if Alexis particularly cares if he waits all his life for her because she only has one man on her mind and in her heart.
The fact that Julian is in prison is an obstacle she is actively trying to overcome. Alexis is blackmailing Valentin into helping her get Julian out of Pentonville. He has already paid Liv (Tonja Walker) for her legal expertise so that she can find a way to wriggle Julian out of the sticky hands of justice. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny (Maurice Benard) will be livid when he finds out that Valentin is helping his arch-rival get out of jail, but it's a chance that Alexis thinks is worth the risk. However, she is weighing the wrong and chances. She should be asking herself if giving Julian another chance is worth risking her heart again. General Hospital spoilers indicate that if history is a good indicator of the future, GH fans are in for another rollercoaster ride with this couple.

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