November 18, 2017
'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Is Losing Some Of Her Social Media Followers After Latest Upload

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff is no stranger to online abuse from social media users. Even before giving birth to her first child, Ember Jean Roloff, the Beating 50 Percent founder was already getting consistently bashed by the online LPBW community due to her actions and her possible parenting style. Now that Ember has been born, Audrey's social media profiles still get a lot of flak, with even her most innocent photos and uploads being subjected to criticisms, and sometimes even online abuse.

Audrey's most recent social media upload, which features a stunning photo of herself and Baby Ember cuddling with each other, is a perfect example of this. While Auj's post was actually well thought out and intuitive, many of her social media followers' reactions were incredibly negative. So negative was the reaction to Audrey's post, in fact, that several members of the LPBW community stated that they would be unfollowing the reality TV star due to her latest upload.

So what's so bad about Audrey's latest post? Just like her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, Audrey decided to plug some items at the end of her upload -- and it was not appreciated by many members of the Little People, Big World community.

Not long after Audrey posted her most recent upload on Instagram, several of her social media followers were downright angry about the LPBW star's "enterprising" post.

"And after this profound announcement, she takes a break to once again, (to) SELL us something!!! Not quite sure how to take that," complained one of Audrey's social media followers.

"Yes, I was just thinking 'what a lovely thing to write,' when although I'm sure she means it all, it really was all just a ploy for an ad," wrote another.

"Lol. I literally just laughed. On and on about God and the post ends with use this discount and buy my friend's blankets. Come on, seriously," another one of Audrey's followers wrote.

Some of Audrey's more sarcastic social media followers even used her most recent post as a means to mock the Little People, Big World star and her life mantra. Others were more direct, telling Audrey that they would be unfollowing her because of her latest post.

"Always more… Money. Lol," one commenter wrote.

"I'll be unfollowing now," wrote another.

Over the past year, Audrey has fallen prey to online critics consistently. As soon as she announced her pregnancy, some Little People, Big World fans took to social media to accuse her of attempting to steal fellow Roloff in-law Tori's thunder. When Audrey made it a point to document every single development in her pregnancy, many LPBW fans were offended that she was showing far too much of herself.

With Ember Jean's birth, the criticisms of Audrey evolved, with many LPBW fans taking issue with both the reality TV star and the way she is taking care of her child. Audrey, however, has been incredibly composed amidst all the criticism she receives online. Just recently, the Little People, Big World star actually responded to one of her critics, though Auj did so in a manner that is indirect and non-confrontational.

Despite the negativity being thrown her way, however, Audrey Roloff has pretty much stayed true to her life mantra. If Jeremy Roloff's latest updates are any indication, it seems like Auj is doing just fine as a wife and a mother. Ultimately, that's what matters most.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]