November 18, 2017
WWE Superstar Pulled From 'Survivor Series' After Domestic Battery Allegations

The WWE is holding their Survivor Series pay-per-view event this weekend and the company hoped to focus all their fans' attention on the big show. However, at the same time that Hollywood superstars are finding their lives turned upside down thanks to sexual assault allegations and NFL stars are sitting on the sidelines due to domestic abuse allegations, the WWE finally saw one of their superstars in the limelight for all the wrong reasons.

WWE Superstar Pulled From Survivor Series

TMZ reported that Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson and WWE superstar David Otunga have separated after 10 years together. To add to the problems for Otunga and Hudson, there are also new allegations that Hudson has issued a protective order against Otunga because she is afraid he wants to hurt her.

Hudson and Otunga separated a few months ago, but Otunga has remained the primary caregiver for their 8-year-old son. Hudson called the police and asked them to remove Otunga from their home because she claimed he was a danger to their son.

The reports indicate that the WWE superstar learned that Hudson was dating someone else and that led to her to fear for her life. The police showed up and had Otunga pack a suitcase and leave. The reports also indicate that the former couple has been trying to hammer out custody arrangements for several weeks now.

TMZ most recently reported that Jennifer Hudson has since claimed that David Otunga physically abused her and that she, and not Otunga, was the primary caregiver for the child. Otunga's attorneys have rejected these claims and said Hudson is lying about everything.

The WWE and David Otunga immediately announced they were pulling him from the Survivor Series show where he was scheduled to work the show as a commentator.

WWE Superstar Pulled From 'Survivor Series' After Domestic Battery Allegations
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What's Next For WWE Superstar?

According to TMZ, David Otunga said that he felt it was necessary to pull out of the Survivor Series show and focus on his child custody battle, as well as the new allegations by Jennifer Hudson. This being one of the biggest shows of the year for the WWE, Otunga pulling out was a huge decision.

The biggest problem here is that the WWE could possibly want to distance themselves from the situation until David Otunga and Jennifer Hudson work this out. With all the problems in Hollywood and other entertainment circles, this is not a controversy the WWE wants to deal with.

Cageside Seats did report that David Otunga pulling out of Survivor Series was 100 percent his decision and not mandated by the WWE.

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