November 18, 2017
Billy Ray Cyrus Admits That He Has Secretly Borrowed Liam Hemsworth's Clothes

Liam Hemsworth has received a lot of praise from Miley Cyrus' family for being a good guy. However, one member of the family seems to be taking their appreciation for the actor to a whole new level, as Billy Ray Cyrus has admitted to borrowing some of Hemsworth's clothing.

According to InStyle Magazine, during a recent interview with Harry Connick Jr. for his daytime talk show Harry, Cyrus admitted that the shirt he was wearing at the time actually belonged to Liam Hemsworth. While some might consider it stealing, Billy Ray Cyrus said that he believes "if you bring something back you didn't really steal it," and instead all he really did was borrow one of Hemsworth's shirts that was lying around.

However, while Cyrus might only be borrowing one of Liam Hemsworth's shirts for the day, he did share that the actor was not aware of the fact that he had taken the shirt. According to Billy Ray Cyrus, he was trying to get "ready to come up and do this show and there was a clean shirt there," which he apparently needed. Although he told the rest of the world about borrowing from Liam Hemsworth, it seems that the actor himself was unaware, at least at the time.

As E! News reports, according to Billy Ray Cyrus, "I sweat through four layers of clothes and Liam's t-shirt was the last thing I had left." Cyrus said that when he finished the interview his plan was to fly back home and make sure that he puts Hemsworth's shirt back into the closet before he realizes it was gone.

It seems that fashion is not the only thing that the Cyrus family likes about Liam Hemsworth, as this is not the first time members of the family have shared fun or sweet stories about the actor. In fact, Billy Ray Cyrus' wife Tish has even raved about Hemsworth in the past, as have Miley Cyrus' siblings.

Tish Cyrus has said that she has known Liam Hemsworth for a really long time and she not only loves him, but she also admitted that she "absolutely cannot be more obsessed" with the actor. Brandi Cyrus, Miley's sister, has also said she loves Liam.

Whether it is borrowing his clothes or just sharing their appreciation for Liam Hemsworth, it seems that the Cyrus family all really like the youngest Hemsworth brother.

[Featured Image by Rich Polk/Getty Images]