November 18, 2017
Jeremy Roloff Beams Over 'Trooper' Wife, Audrey Decides On Lessening Social Media Presence

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, the popular Little People, Big World couple, have had their share of detractors, especially when it concerns their daughter, Ember Jean. Fortunately, the young Roloff couple doesn't dwell on the negativities and would rather focus on the good.

That kind of thinking is just one of the factors that make Jeremy and Audrey's marriage work. The fact that both Jeremy and Audrey have been gushing over how the other has been working hard to take care of the family, especially baby Ember Jean, only shows that the two have what it takes to handle all the controversies thrown their way.

Jeremy, in fact, is beaming with pride as he described on social media how Audrey has been a "trooper" amidst adversities.

"I'm so proud of my wife," Jeremy said. "These last few weeks have been pretty tough on her but she's been a trooper and I'm thankful that I have her as a teammate."

"I knew having a teammate with a life mantra like #alwaysmore has got to be a big win!"
Jeremy and Audrey are understandably going through some rough patches in their life after welcoming Ember into their lives. The couple has had little time to adjust to family life with Jeremy being too busy with their house and the farm the past few months. Audrey also has to deal with breastfeeding Ember, which is difficult considering she has suffered from mastitis twice already. The couple also has an issue with their kitchen, which had to be demolished after a leak problem. The "trooper" in Audrey also helped her get through a number of criticisms thrown their way.

Jeremy also shared a photo of a very pregnant Audrey. The photo shows Audrey a month before baby Ember Jean was born. She's sitting on the floor of Ember Jean's nursery with her pregnant belly exposed, one of the issues Audrey had to face.

Audrey opened up about being "convicted" of something. She did not specify what she was "convicted" of but the 26-year-old mother has been getting some flak on social media. Audrey also talked about being on social media too much and somewhat failing to do the things necessary for her belief to thrive.

"As much as I love sharing my life with y'all and what I've learned/am learning," Audrey said. "I never want to be someone who spends more time sharing on social media than I do seeking the Lord and searching His truths."

Audrey seems to have realized that she needs to do more for her faith and do less of sharing about her life on social media. Though she said that she loves spending time sharing and engaging with her followers on Instagram and Facebook, Audrey stressed that her priority should be her "Creator and redeemer."

The criticisms she's been getting on social media or otherwise might have also taken a toll on Audrey. She has been called out for posting bare pregnancy belly photos, Dearly reported. Some fans accused her of lacking modesty and that her bare stomach photos were inappropriate. A number of fans spoke up to defend Audrey from her bashers.

Audrey was also trolled for the clothes she's been dressing baby Ember in. Audrey posted a few photos showing Ember in not-so-colorful attire and some fans weren't too happy. Baby Ember's "ugly brown tights" were specifically targeted, as reported by US Magazine. Another round of mommy-shaming took place after Audrey posted a photo of Ember surrounded by packs of baby wipes, according to In Touch Weekly.

Despite the flurry of mom-shaming comments, Audrey chooses to focus on the good, particularly her family and her belief.

The photo which Audrey included in her post shows herself with Ember, one of the positive things in her life right now. She and Ember are wrapped in a thick blanket as they enjoy some cuddling.

"All cozied up with my sweet little Ember," Audrey said. "She warms m hart, get it? Snuggling her is my favorite."

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]