November 18, 2017
Corey Feldman Tells Corey Haim's Mom That 'Truth Is Extremely Painful' After Accusing Him Of Lying

Corey Feldman has already written a book about the ugly side of Hollywood almost five years ago, but his name is back in the spotlight again after exposing more specific details about the events that happened to him and his friend, Corey Haim. However, the late actor's mom calls the Stand By Me star's pedophile claims bogus, to the point of even naming him a "scam artist." Now, Feldman has finally responded to Judy Haims' accusations.

The 46-year-old actor and singer spoke to Newsweek and talked about the men who he claimed molested he and Corey Haim when they were both still child stars in Hollywood. Corey Feldman revealed that it was almost a "demonic" force that motivated him to finally name his abusers. He accused actor John Grissom and children's club owner and former actor Alphy Hoffman of molesting him when he was a young boy.

Corey Feldman also said that the Harvey Weinstein scandal pushed him to finally reveal the whole truth about his and Corey Haim' childhood experiences that he personally omitted from his book. The Goonies actor knew very well that these are successful and powerful men who could easily ruin his life if he were to go out and expose them.

But now that he finally had the guts to name the abusers, Corey Haim's mom, Judy, is not too happy about it. She believes that Corey Feldman is just using her son and their alleged molestation as a "distraction" from his recent drug arrest.

When asked about his reaction to Judy Haims' accusation, Corey Feldman revealed that he fully understands Corey Haim's mom and that he's not trying to start a fight by exposing the truth.

"I know she's in pain and that I have an open invitation to talk with her if she wants it," he said. "I just want her to find a place where she can heal and accept the pain that her son went through. I'm just saying, the truth is extremely painful."

Although Corey Feldman has not named Corey Haim's abuser, many were convinced that the late actor was molested by Charlie Sheen after Dominick Brascia's shocking revelation.

However, Corey Haim's mom recently slammed all the reports about Charlie Sheen raping his son. She actually said that is was Dominick Brascia himself who abused Corey.

Charlie Sheen's representatives have denied the bombshell allegations against the troubled actor.

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