October 20, 2017
Kim Kardashian Fears Blac Chyna Diss Track By Kanye West, Urging Rapper To Avoid Feud With 'KUWTK' Enemy

Kim Kardashian has urged Kanye West not to rap about Blac Chyna in any of his new music he plans on releasing next year, it's been revealed.

Kim and her family are currently in the midst of a lawsuit filed by the former stripper, who claims that the Kardashians ruined her chances of landing several endorsement deals over some of the comments they have made about her.

From Rob leaking Blac's nude photos, to Kim Kardashian allegedly making calls to the E! Network to cancel the second series of Rob & Chyna, the mother-of-two feels that the family have strongly contributed to the fact that business deals have been lost because of their actions.

At this given point, for Kim Kardashian, there's no going back to being friends with Blac, whom she was once known to have been very close with.

With Kim knowing that Kanye is preparing to work on his next album, which is poised to see a release date by next year, Kardashian wants no mention of Chyna and the drama between her and Rob.

Hollywood Life claims that Kim would be mortified to hear the songs in years to come; she doesn't want to be reminded of Blac any further than she already has, seeing that she's been thrown into the mix of a lawsuit.

If anything, Kim Kardashian would never want to see or hear from the 29-year-old again. She's saddened by the fact that someone she considered a friend would sue her entire family, especially when considering that there's a baby involved in the situation.

Even if Kanye was to rap positively about Chyna, Kim Kardashian knows that it would only bring more publicity to the socialite, who has already gone to great lengths to extend her length of fame in Hollywood.

It's believed that none of the Kardashians have a relationship with Chyna; they don't want anything to do with her.

Even Kris Jenner won't acknowledge Blac's existence, especially after hearing about the violent physical altercation the mother-of-two had with Rob back in December. It reportedly left Kris and Kim Kardashian sickened and worried for Rob's well-being.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]