October 20, 2017
Real Reason Why Kevin Owens Is Missing WWE Live Events Revealed

A few hours ago, the WWE Universe was absolutely shocked to learn about some of the major changes that have been made to the card for WWE TLC on Sunday. Kevin Owens being pulled from all the WWE's house shows this weekend has taken a backseat to the other news, but a lot of people still want to know the reason why Owens went home. The rumor going around is that Owens left WWE's tour due to "personal reasons."

The WWE Universe doesn't know what to think about that reasoning since Nia Jax was just granted a leave of absence from the company and it's not clear how long she'll be off the road. Kevin Owens is red-hot after the match with Shane McMahon at WWE Hell in a Cell and Sami Zayn's heel turn. Now is not the time for him to take significant time off, but the reason for Owens' absence is because of a huge "family situation."

The WWE locker room is dealing with a major illness right now, but it's being said that Kevin Owens is not sick. Owens' time off was also approved by WWE officials, so there should not be any breaking news about him being the latest WWE Superstar to "walk out" on the company. The details of his "family situation" are being kept tightly under wraps, but the most we know is that the situation was "absolutely unavoidable."

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens HAve Reunited As Heels on SmackDown Live
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Kevin Owens has just found himself in a situation where his family is going to come first. The expectation is that he should be back in time for next week's edition of SmackDown Live, but that is not confirmed. Based on some of the bigger changes WWE officials made for WWE TLC, they could figure out a way for Owens to be kept off WWE television for a few weeks if necessary. At the moment, the focus has been on Sami Zayn.

SmackDown Live has already begun building toward WWE Survivor Series. As of this writing, there have been some rumors about the card. However, nothing has been confirmed on WWE television just yet. The expectation is Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will be featured together in a big tag team match of some kind, but a short leave of absence shouldn't change any huge plans for Kevin Owens and he should be back soon.

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