October 20, 2017
New Talent Taking Action To Replace 'Megyn Kelly Today' With Their Own Show

With all the news surrounding the struggling ratings of Megyn Kelly Today, the former Fox News journalist is the target of new talent hoping to swipe her time slot for their own show. It's a bold move by an internet talk show sensation who's raked in millions of followers and is intent on making her goal happen.

Life & Style magazine reports that Claudia Oshry, who's better known on the internet as "Girl With No Job," has created a petition requesting NBC to fire Megyn Kelly and make room for her and sister, Jackie Oshry, who's billed on their show as "Jackie O Problems." Their viral show, The Morning Breath, is hosted from the Oath offices in New York City. The sisters believe they can make better television on NBC than Megyn.

Claudia, 23, is an Instagram star and wants to take her show to the next level.

"NBC, REPLACE MEGYN KELLY WITH THE MORNING BREATH," the petition reads. The sisters listed 1,000 signatures as the amount needed, but are at over 4,000 as of Friday afternoon.

The young women have quite a large following and have multiple YouTube videos. In case you want to know more about the Oshrys and The Morning Breath, check out the video below.

Claudia and Jackie Oshry think they'd deliver far more entertainment than Megyn Kelly on NBC. They ask on the petition if viewers are "tired of awkward silences and teleprompter flubs" and also want to know if they think Megyn Kelly makes viewers "sad and uncomfortable." The Morning Breath hosts urge people to "sign this petition and give @TheMorningBreath gals a shot at the most prestigious hour of the Today Show!"

The sisters have an abundance of supportive comments and the signatures keep flowing in, so they definitely have a loyal fan base.

Claudia's "Girl With No Job" Instagram account has 2.7 million followers, which is a decent-size audience. Add to that, she has more than 100K on her personal Instagram account, and her husband, Ben Sofer, who's dubbed "Boy With No Job," has 1.4 million followers. While appearing on NBC or any other major network is a monumental shift, the Oshry sisters seem to have no problem attracting fans. They bring in an estimated 20K views per episode on Facebook, which they began during the spring.


A lot of gloom and doom has been reported about Megyn's 9 a.m. hour of Today and how her ratings slump is alarming the network. A source told Page Six that studio bosses are in a scramble to "turn this around," but an NBC insider said that it was already anticipated that Megyn's ratings would be below average for a while, which is often the case with any new TV show.

Would you like to see Claudia and Jackie Oshry replace Megyn Kelly Today with their own show, The Morning Breath?

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]