October 20, 2017
The Donald Trump "Trumpkin" Is Taking The Internet By Storm This Halloween, See Photos Here

This year, many Americans are opting to carve "Trumpkins" instead of your traditional, spooky Halloween pumpkin.

Over the past few weeks, the Donald "Trumpkin" Pumpkin has been taking the internet by storm. But the new phenomenon might have started out in a small town in Indiana. According to the Indy Channel, a large scarecrow at one home in Carmel, Indiana is drawing a lot of attention due to its uncanny resemblance to President Donald Trump. The scarecrow is complete with a suit, red tie, and small hands.

But what most people think makes the pumpkin's resemblance to Trump spot on is the head itself. The pumpkin face is carved to look like it's yelling, and of course, there's a toupe of straw hair that looks eerily similar to that of the real President Trump.

According to the Huffington Post, many neighbors in the small town have made special visits to the home on Main Street, and it has become something of a tourist attraction in the area. Many people stop by the Trumpkin for a selfie or some sort of photo op to post for their followers on social media. The publication also reports that since the Trumpkin has been so popular, the homeowners are considering doing a Pence-kin as well.

The owners say that the doppelganger pumpkin is "just for fun" after some neighbors have complained that the figure is "disrespectful." And while most neighbors are fine with people passing by and taking photos, The Indianapolis Star reports that one neighbor has complained that the Trumpkin was drawing too much attention to their area.

Many people on social media have followed the Carmel, Indiana family and joined in the fun by carving a Trumpkin of their own. If you look on Twitter and search with the hashtag "Trumpkin," you will find that dozens of people have taken a stab at making their own Presidential pumpkin.

Some people opted to carve the pumpkin and use the pumpkin insides as Donald's signature hair while others decided to simply draw the face with markers on the pumpkin and use fake hair to complete the look. Either way, it seems like the Trumpkin is very popular this Halloween.Will you take a stab at the Trumpkin or do you think it's disrespectful?

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]