October 20, 2017
Katy Perry Changes Fan's Life When She 'Freaks Out' Over This Dress

Katy Perry may have just changed a super fan's life after spotting a dress she was wearing prior to her concert in Kentucky on Monday. Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Bolton was at a meet-and-greet with Katy when the pop star suddenly freaked out over the dress she had on.

A video was taken of the whole thing that went down at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville. Bolton, who drove nine hours from Raleigh, North Carolina, to attend Katy's "Witness" concert, was more than rewarded for her long drive. Perry was so amazed by the dress that Bolton made featuring her "Witness" tour logo that she asked Bolton where she got the dress.

Bolton told her she made it, and Katy screamed, "You made that and you didn't make me one?"

Katy excitedly said she wanted one, too. Not only that but for her dog as well!

Billboard reports that Katy Perry's interaction with Samantha Bolton has already put the aspiring fashion designer on the map. Bolton has a nine-to-five job, but that may change now that her phone is blowing up with calls requesting her dress as well.

Samantha was backstage with six of her friends when Katy noticed her dress, as seen in the Instagram video below. Instead of giving her a hug, Katy whipped out her phone to interview her on Snapchat.

The dress is made of 3,000 rhinestones and has matching shoes. They feature sparkly eyeballs inside a pair of lips on the front of the dress with smaller eyes on the skirt. Photos are lower down on the page.

Bolton tells Billboard that there was a little bit of strategy behind getting noticed in her Katy Perry dress. In a KP chat room, Bolton said that a part of her thought Katy might "freak out" when she saw the outfit since she cares so much about her fans. She reveals that she's seen other super fans attend Katy's concerts in stylish shirts, but not an entire outfit.

"I knew that so far on tour, nobody who had met her had a full outfit -- maybe a shirt -- but I was going to be the first with a full outfit."

It took Samantha Bolton about two weeks on and off to make the dress and matching shoes for Katy Perry's concert. She also made a crop top and leggings for a concert earlier in Pittsburgh.

"I always dress up for every concert, and I make my own outfits and I like to make something like she's worn, but put a twist on it. They're not duplicate outfits. I 100 percent put my twist on it."

Bolton works in sales at Lenovo, but she studied fashion merchandising. If things go her way, she may become a big-time fashion designer. Katy showed her love for the designer's dress and wants a puppy version made for her teacup poodle, Nugget. Samantha says she actually was working on that but didn't receive the package before the Louisville show. She was hopeful that Katy would like her dress enough to Instagram it, but she ended up getting a request to make the music superstar her own outfit.

Katy's super fan is hoping to deliver the dog outfit backstage in Atlanta, where Katy is performing on December 12.

In the meantime, Bolton is hoping that the exposure Katy has given her will be enough to help get her foot in the door of the fashion industry. She laughs at how "crazy" her co-workers think she is to wear the dazzling clothes she creates.

"Today at work, people who think I'm crazy... I'm like, 'All you b***hes thought I was crazy going all out and making these clothes for the Katy Perry concert. How about that?'"
Samantha Bolton is hopeful that this is the break she'll need to quit her job and pursue her dream full-time. An aspiring designer can't get too much luckier than having someone like Katy Perry endorse one of their creations!

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]